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3 great video games from Gamescom, that are remarkably great regardless of easy principles

Due to the fact that they persuade with gameplay as well as do without numerous embellishments, 3 of these video games were especially thought of. They show: Simple concepts as well as concepts can deliver truly good games if you apply them correctly.

Every fair has massive smash hits. The Opening Night Live of Gamescom 2022 alone showed 36 video games with a massive production worth. For me, the genuine pearls are primarily hidden amongst the excellent news.

Lots of video games are exhibited at Dergamescom 2022. When playing, my MeinMo editor Benedict Grothaus remembered 3 items, specifically because they can entertain surprisingly well with simple mechanics.

Comparable to Return to Moria a few weeks ago, I was specifically enthusiastic concerning indie video games on gamescom. I constantly came past stands where small programmers show their suggestions when I explore the halls.

_ Hier you can see our highlights from Gamescom 2022: _

Catch me! Is a kid’s bet screaming

Not a lot extra can be said regarding the game either. Does not want to be an AAA game, but a game for in between.

The celebration game Catch Me! Was my initial appointment at Gamescom. The game principle is simple to believe: your game catch with as much as 4 gamers. Not a hunter has to catch everybody else, yet exactly the other means around.

Catch me is being established! By Byterockers, a tiny workshop from Berlin, as well as I spoke with the DEVs (cover photo). They discussed to me that catch me! based upon the indie hit Speedrunners, but adheres to a rather simpler principle.

Catch me! Incidentally, it can currently be played on Vapor in the very early gain access to. Future material is revealed transparently generally menu as well as due to comments from the neighborhood, more functions ought to come, depending upon what is wanted.

A player is chosen and has to accumulate factors dispersed on the inflexible maps. The various other three attempt to quit him. If you catch him, end up being the new hunter. The initial with 10 points from the map wins.

There’s no i in Coin- dark as well as surprisingly amusing

Despite, or perhaps many thanks to the easy concept, there is as much habit forming in coin as Flappy Bird or Cookie Remote Control. Nevertheless, we do not yet understand when as well as where the game will certainly show up.

The more individuals to death in a brief time, the even more points there are. Is macabre, however incredibly entertaining-and also a little difficult. You might be canceled and the game is over because if you drop and also stick flat.

Probably the largest, concealed pearl of Gamescom 2022 puts you in the role of a coin. Appears silly, but has an instead wicked spin: You ought to tempt individuals to fatality.

To do this, roll along the sidewalk and also draw attention to people. Follow you, you can direct them on the road so that they are run over by autos. The control only contains motion switches for rolling and a jump.

A Bavarian Tale-Waving dead: Historic role-playing game totally in Bavarian

The initial chapter of dead is currently available on Heavy steam, you can also play a complimentary demo. The game is still in early access.

In addition, there are technicians such as slipping and also battle that are evocative The Witcher and also Co., from where the game additionally attracts a little motivation, as we were informed. All of this is not necessarily new, yet something is so unique: the setting.

In principle, a historical RPG is dead from gameplay, in which you can also boost attributes and also degrees. You need this to pass particular samples-just as you know it from video games like dragons & dungeons.

The game is totally set to Bavarian, all characters talk in language and in some cases also ask you whether you have issues with words like mushroom. An extremely special beauty that makes an actual insider suggestion.

Of the 3 games presented below, the most complicated is still being killed. You play a detective in the Upper Bavarian Wolpertshofen in 1866, which is supposed to educate a fatality.

However, not just the little indie games were able to persuade me directly. I am likewise quite looking forward to some of the huge titles and Minecraft Legends stunned me the most:

I saw gameplay from Minecraft Legends and I was wrong with virtually whatever I considered it

** Loads of games are exhibited at Dergamescom 2022. The Opening Evening Live of Gamescom 2022 alone revealed 36 games with a huge production worth. The event game Catch Me! The game principle is very easy to think: your game catch with up to 4 players. Does not desire to be an AAA game, however a game for in between.

Disclaimer: Webedia Pc Gaming (Gamestar, GamePro, Meinmmo) comes with the 2022 game fair as the main media companion of Gamescom.

We played the Quarry, here is our test

Release date : June 10, 2022

Publishers : 2K SPORTS, 2K Games

Developer : Supermassive Games

Modes : solo, multiplayer

Plate-form : PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Microsoft Windows

genres : adventure game, survival horror,

Price : $ 89.99

A great surprise

Supermassive Games knew how to captivate the players with the excellent interactive horror game Until Dawn. A game in which the player had to try to save eight characters who face death. It is with a system of choice inspired by the butterfly effect that the developers put the players the test, in short your choices have consequences on the life and the state of your characters. This way of playing the players quickly and that is why the studio has developed a series of game called The Dark Picture Anthology. The latter currently has 3 titles and a fourth which should appear soon. Although these games are interesting, they are not up to Until Dawn, however, Supermassive Games had a little surprise for the players. A title that has been discreet until its launch is the game The Quarry.


The misfortune of some sometimes makes the happiness of others

The Quarry, a game that was at the start, was to be exclusive to Stadia, a streaming platform belonging to Google. Unfortunately (and fortunately for players who do not have Stadia), the latter does not work as hoped for and 2K Games and Supermassive Games have decided to offer the title on PC as well as on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

What is The Quarry? Well, this is a horror title that is inspired by ” Slasher ” from the 80s such as Friday the 13th and The Thing. In The Quarry you will follow a group of young people who have finished their summer of work in a vacancy camp and who will spend one last night there. As was the case with Unil Dawn, Supermassive Games opted for the use of a beautiful actor skewer in order to give life to their characters.

A nice actor skewer

This time, we find Branda Song, David Arquette, Halston Sage, Ted Raimi, Ariel Winter, launches Henriksen and Justice Smith. You will therefore be invited to take control of these characters, alone or with friends. Yes, in The Quarry, you can play with others, either online with friends, who will control their characters, or in coop in the comfort of your couch by lending you the controller. There is even an accommodation to be able to broadcast the game on Twitch with a voting system for your spectators. In addition, when you have finished the game you can use the cinema mode that allows you to make your choices before starting the game and then you will only have to prepare the popcorn and watch the film take place Before your eyes.

As it is the custom in a game of supermassive games the players will have to move their characters and at certain times of the chosen branches will stand in front of them. They will then have to make an important choice which will have an impact on the progress of history. Sometimes he will also have to perform a sequence of Quick Time Event, do not worry, if you are not familiar with these it is possible to decrease the difficulty. As said above, the choices you are going to make will have an impact on the progress of the game and risk seeing some of your characters lose your life. The game is made up of 10 chapters and you can discover one of the 186 ends.

One of the novelties of this title is the fact that the developers have taken the time to develop the personality of each of the protagonists, moreover the events are not precipitated, so you will have time to focus on them.

The Quarry also offers shooting sequences, however, these are rare and precision will not really be your ally. Let’s say it’s very easy to miss your target. As was the case in the series The Dark Pictures Anthology, there will be times when you will have to slow down the pace of your breathing so as not to get caught. To do this, you will need to press a touch at the right time. In addition, this time the developers grant you three lives in order to save the most characters. Usually you could finish the game by saving only one character, but this time when you have three deaths, you will have failed.

In The Quarry, each of the chapters is interspersed with a sequence with a good adventure state. The latter will help you try to save your characters by showing you a sequence that will take place in the future. However, so that it can give you this vision you will have to collect the cards of tarot hidden in the environment.

Simple controls

The controls are rather simple to access, in fact, you will have to move your character using the STICK similar, to press different buttons and of course, answer questions in a given time. I would say that the most difficult is to remember the order of the buttons if you are at your first stammering with a controller. Because yes, knowing where a button will be practical to you during QTES.

At the level of the visual, this title is one of the most beautiful of Supermassive Games. Whether in terms of decor, environment, characters, camera angles, animations or facial expressions, everything is very well d1. Hopefully the next games of the universe The Dark Pictures Anthology are following this example. The same goes for the sound level.

Unfortunately, everything is not perfect, sometimes you will find that the characters’ reaction does not always go with what is happening. Admittedly, you will say that this is often the case in this kind of film, yes I grant you, but here these reactions leave us a little of the game. In addition, you will have to endure long sequence of Bla Bla at certain times And unfortunately you will not be able to pass them. Nevertheless, The Quarry is an excellent title that we recommend to all lovers of horror games and also of ” slasher ” from the 80s. Even if this game is not perfect is a nice surprise offered by Supermassive Games and hope that the studio will continue with this momentum, because the experience The Dark Pictures Anthology sometimes leaves something to be desired.

+ The scenario

+ We get attached to the characters

+ The choice of actors

+ Dubbing

+ Trying

+ Playability options (Multi to 8)

+ We can play with our teens

+ The visual and the sound experience

+ Good replayability

-Weak points

-Any things that do not work well in the scenario

-The end is a bit garish

-A slow pace that Until Dawn who can displease certain players

Epic Games Store will certainly not get rid of NFT video games to guarantee the flexibility of their users decision

As you can visualize, the Exec’s response has been negative , which has actually triggered an explanation with the factors that lead to presenting titles with NFT on the platform: Developers has to have the freedom to determine * Just how to build your games , as well as you are cost-free to decide If you want to play them *. We will certainly not.

There are few firms on the planet of video game that have announced initiatives based on the NFT . Square Enix is just one of the ones that have highlighted the most around, but electronic stores such as Epic Games Store also have unlocked to the non-fungible token with games that use this electronic property in their experience.

Shops and SO makers ought to not compel their point of view in various other Tim Sweeney However, it is also necessary much more audio than the last days. Well, it seems that this activity by Mojang has made a user on Twitter insurance claim Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, The loss of all games with NFT of Epic Games Store.

This suggests that, regardless of the poor function of the NFT by the players, Epic Games Store will remain to accept them on their system. However, it is essential to remember that the value of this digital asset has plunged during the last weeks, which has seriously influence on its sales level.

Xbox Series X VS Xbox Series S – which console should I get?

You definitely intend to acquire an Xbox, yet you don’t understand which model you should select? MeinMMO describes the resemblances as well as distinctions from Xbox Series X VS s.

If you wish to acquire an Xbox, you need to pick either an Xbox Series X or an Xbox Series S. However which console is most rewarding for me?

MeinMMO explains the resemblances as well as differences between both Xbox gaming consoles and tell you what you need to consider when purchasing.

Xbox Series X VS Xbox Series S: Look, structure and also design

What does the Xbox Series X look like? The Xbox Series X is in simple black and is a rectangle-shaped cuboid.

** Microsoft counts on a white style with black accents in contrast to the Series X. With its 1.9 kg, the console is dramatically lighter than the Xbox Series X (4.4 kg) or the PS5 (4.5 kg). Microsoft even speaks of the Xbox Series S 60 % smaller than the Series X.

Dimensions and capacities as well as PS5, Xbox Series X and Series And also in comparison:

Xbox Series X VS S: Specs and also hardware

What does the Xbox Series S? deal in the Xbox Series X an AMD cpu.

What does the Xbox Series X? deal in the Xbox Series X an AMD processor with a graphics chip.

There are additionally two various other essential differences:

** On both consoles you can play all current Xbox video games as well as use the Xbox Game Pass. Downward compatibility with the old Xbox consoles is additionally consisted of in both gaming consoles.

  • The Xbox Series S supplies you an optimum resolution of WQHD. You can make use of 4K, yet that’s not a actual 4K like the Series X.
  • No bluray drive is installed in the Xbox Series X. You can not make use of disc games or view blurays.

Xbox Series X VS Xbox Series X In comparison:

Xbox Series X VS S: Which video games?

What unique attribute are there? Nevertheless, you can likewise get the Xbox gaming consoles in the membership with the Xbox Game Pass. Right here you pay 24.99 euros (Xbox Series S) or 32.99 euros (Xbox Series X) per month rather than the complete rate for over 24 months.

Additionally, you can likewise make use of old Xbox 360 and also Xboxone game discs with the Xbox Series X. Thanks to downward compatibility, the Xbox sustains mostly all video games of the older Xbox generations.

Xbox Series X VS S: Cost of the consoles.

MeinMMO discusses exactly how Xbox All Accessibility functions precisely and also whether the deal is worthwhile.

** Exactly how a lot does the Xbox Series S? In the range of delivery of the Xbox Series S is a Xbox Series S console, a controller, an HDMI cable television as well as a power cord.

What games can play on the Xbox Series S? On the Xbox Series X you can also play all present leading titles as well as additionally have accessibility to the video game pass. You have to do without performance and you can play your games in an optimum of WQHD resolution.

Given That the Series S does not have a drive, you can not utilize your old games from older consoles If you desire to make use of the descending compatibility of the Xbox on the Series S as well as play old Xbox 360 video games on the Series S, then you have to have gotten them electronically.

Just how much does the Xbox Series X? The Xbox Series X presently sets you back 499 euros. The range of distribution of the Xbox Series X consists of a Xbox Series X console, a controller, an HDMI wire as well as a power line.

What games can you play on the Xbox Series X? On the Xbox Series X you can play all current leading titles. You can also sign up for the Video game Pass and have access to various other numerous games. With a method you can additionally really conserve money on the Xbox Game Pass.

Likewise a disadvantage contrasted to the Series X: start your Xbox One Games on the console, you will just be able to play them completely HD resolution (1080p) and not in greater resolutions of approximately 4K, such as the Xbox Series X provides.

Xbox Series X VS Xbox Series S: Which console is much better for me?

That speaks for the Xbox Series S: The Xbox Series S is currently the most affordable next-gen console with around 280 euros. It is specifically suitable for gamers that uncommitted 4K and do not want to purchase a 4K television even in the close to future.

That speaks for the Xbox Series X: Theoretically, the Xbox Series X is presently the fastest console on the market. If you desire to have the fastest console with 4K resolution and BluRay drive, after that no means is going past the Xbox Series X. If you have a big collection of video games on disc or lots of films on BluRay, the Series X should additionally be the far better alternative for you.

Contrasted to the Xbox Series X, the Series S is also appropriate for people that have actually already bought an Xbox Series X or PS5 and also are searching for a second console for your bedroom or children’s room. Comprehensive acquisition guidance around the Xbox Series S can also be discovered right here on MeinMMO:

Xbox or would you favor PS5? You wish to purchase a PS5 or Xbox, however don’t recognize which console it should be? In an in-depth overview, MeinMMO explains what both gaming consoles offer and also which is the most suitable for you:

PS5 VS Xbox Series X-which console should I buy?

Microsoft also talks of the Xbox Series S 60 % smaller than the Series X.

Dimensions and weights and also PS5, Xbox Series X collection Series As well as collection comparison:

That speaks for the Xbox Series X: On paper, the Xbox Series X is presently the fastest console on the market.

The range of distribution of the Xbox Series X consists of a Xbox Series X console, a controller, an HDMI cord and a power cord.

In the extent of shipment of the Xbox Series S is a Xbox Series S console, a controller, an HDMI cable and also a power cord. Below you pay 24.99 euros (Xbox Series S) or 32.99 euros (Xbox Series X) per month instead of the full cost for over 24 months.

Replacement arenas: Bayreuth, Oldenburg as well as Verl should avoid

On Friday, the DFB gave information in this respect: According to this, VfB needs to transfer to the Lower Saxony capital, especially in the frost duration and also for encounters, which are scheduled after 6.30 p.m.. Late games of this kind, which are available according to the strategies on Friday as well as Monday night and in English weeks (after 7 p.m.), have to additionally be moved to the 2006 World Cup field due to noise defense.

In the instance of the Oldenburgers, this was clear shortly after the effectively objected to promotion games against the BFC Eager beaver. According to the promoted, both must be retrofitted in point of views, but for the coming season the former 2nd department team will certainly sometimes have to switch to the crow flies 130 kilometers away – Nonetheless, many games must take place in Oldenburg.

VfB Oldenburg and SpVgg Bayreuth will certainly bet the very first time in the single-track third organization in the coming season. Both clubs need to move to various other stadiums for their home games.

floodlight system: Bayreuth would need to change to Erfurt

The SpVgg Bayreuth additionally does not have a floodlight system that corresponds to the third division standards. Till the completion in Hans-Walter-Wild-Stadion in your home, the Upper Franconia would need to avoid evening games to the Steigerwald Stadium in the Thuringian state funding of Erfurt. Nonetheless, the necessary modernization job need to be finished in good time at the start of the season.

Verls different venue for the time being Paderborn continues to be

Currently last season, the SC Verl had to take a trip partly for home games. To the arena of Sportfreunde Lotte, the East Westphalia switched over to the 2nd division stadium of SC Paderborn throughout the second half of the season. The Residence Deluxe Field will continue to be alternative in the coming season, until the ARENA sporting activities club in Verl The floodlight is available and the yard home heating is completed as well as further binding infrastructural measures are performed, states the DFB.

According to the advertised, both need to be retrofitted in viewpoints, but for the coming season the previous 2nd division team will in some cases have to change to the crow flies 130 kilometers away – Nonetheless, many games ought to take location in Oldenburg.

Already last season, the SC Verl had to travel partly for home games. The Residence Deluxe Sector will certainly remain alternate in the coming season, until the Field sports club in Verl The flood lamp is offered as well as the yard heating is completed and additional binding infrastructural steps are brought out, says the DFB.

Will Fortnite have a first-person mode like Warzone soon?

Will Epic Games’ battle royale become a first-person shooter like CoD? That’s what data miners insinuate after discovering an experimental game mode at the developer. After Build Zero mode, what if Fortnite’s following significant change is the camera position? Epic Games’ battle royale has always existed as a third-person shooter, with the perspective behind the character you control. Still, according to well-known Dataminer Hypex, the developer is currently looking into first-person (FPS) gameplay.

Are you looking for space among the veterans?
The biggest shooter franchises use first-person perspective gameplay. This game mode gives the impression of embodying the character and accentuates the tension felt during the game. Call of Duty and Counter-Strike, to name just a few, rely heavily on a first-person approach that gives the game more immersion and jitters. Fortnite has been a little different with third-person, but things could change soon.

A challenge for the Fortnite ecosystem
Fortnite in FPS would be a daring challenge for the development teams. Epic Games’ game seems somehow incompatible with the first-person view, particularly in the way buildings are allowed. Visually, one of those first-person high-end building clashes can become mind-boggling. Also, Fortnite bases its economy on character skins, and the first-person view would make that aspect of the game invisible.

Anyway, this change (which, by the way, seems to be for a temporary mode) is not planned for the moment. The data miner Hypex reminds you that these are just the first steps of a project. The developer has, in theory, time to refine and polish the mechanics if it wants to release such a change.

A new season, new mechanics
Fortnite just received Chapter 3, Season 3, titled Na Vibe. The period includes changes to the map, Arsenal weapons, and gameplay with the introduction of Seeds of Reality. If you want to know everything differently, check out our particular article by clicking here.

Epic usually chooses the season of new seasons to introduce unexpected news, so we imagine that if this FPS mode is in development, it will arrive with a new season or even a new chapter.

In addition, we also imagine that the first-person perspective is intended for the mode in which there are no constructions, which would make much more sense than the exchanges with chaotic buildings that the game usually has. We can only wait for new leaks and official information, but what would you think of a Fortnite as an FPS?

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 On Vibe: Patch notes and everything new in the game

Fortnite’s new season, titled Na Vibe, has arrived shaking. Despite the name that may indicate a relaxing experience, there’s a high dose of adrenaline to come. Significant changes to the battle royale map and gameplay changes like Seeds of Reality will require you to learn everything over again to do well in matches. In this article, we have gathered all the news from Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3, so that you are informed and prepared to face the challenges ahead. Shall we go to the game?

New weapons and Arsenal changes

Sniper Rifle (AE Rifle)

Dano: 45/48/50/53/55/58
Headshot damage: 74.25 / 79.2 / 82.5 / 87.45 / 90.75 / 95.7
Number of bullets: 10
Fire rate: 2.5
Recharge time: 2.75 / 2.62 / 2.5 / 2.37 / 2.25 / 2.12

Hammer Assault Rifle

Dano: 27/29/30/32/33/35
Headshot damage: 40.5 / 43.5 / 45 / 48 / 49.5 / 52.5
Number of bullets: 20
Fire rate: 5.8
Recharge time: 2.42 / 2.31 / 2.2 / 2.09 / 1.98 / 1.87

Two Shot Shotgun

Dano: 54/57/60/63/66/69
Headshot damage: 94.5 / 99.7 / 105 / 110 / 115 / 120
Number of bullets: 8
Fire rate: 0.85
Recharge time: 9.24 / 8.82 / 8.4 / 7.98 / 7.56 / 7.14

Weapons from the previous season (still in play)
Auxiliary Pistol
Automatic Shotgun
Attacking Shotgun
SMG Ferrão
Combat SMG
Guard Assault Rifle
Attacking Cleave Rifle
Heavy Sniper Rifle
Vaga-lumens glass
Shadowtracker (Exotic weapon)
Precise Six-Shot Revolver (Exotic Weapon)
The Slam (Exotic weapon)
Smoking Sniper Rifle (Exotic weapon)
Shockwave Grenade (technically not a weapon, but you get the idea)

Hamster balls are back.

Life: 400
Dano: 120
Now consumes battery
Not available in competitive modes

Animal mount

A taste for speed isn’t exclusive to the Hamster Ball, as you can also ride wolves and boars in the new season of Fortnite. To do this, you need to jump on their backs. You don’t have to get off your mount to use your weapons – shoot as you please.

New map locations

One side of Fortnite’s iconic island has given way to a new forest biome with mushrooms and lots of psychedelic elements. The location of this new environment is the Reality Waterfall, the central region affected by the Reality Tree.
But the entire map was, in one way or another, impacted by the presence of the Reality Tree.

Stormy Condition
Just because the island celebrates doesn’t mean the storm has decided to calm down. Now, if you stay in it for too long during a game, you will start to suffer from Storm Disturbance, which accelerates the Health reduction while you are in it. She has become even more dangerous.

But fear not: you always get a warning when you are about to be afflicted with the condition. You need to get out of it for its effects to wear off. On the other hand, as soon as you step into the storm again, you suffer it again.

Seeds of Reality
The Reality Tree produces pods containing Reality Seeds, which you can plant to grow a Reality Sprout. The latter grows little by little in the same place from one game to the next. However, it would help if you took care of it by weeding it, which improves the quality of the loot it generates. By systematically pulling weeds, you can reach the mythical reward level. And if you pick up a Seed of Reality while you already have a Sprout planted, you can throw it to teleport the Sprout directly to you. Finally, when your Sprout withers, plant the seed it leaves behind.
If you have the green finger, you can open the map to check the status of your Brute. It even tells you when you need to prune it.

Which are the Multiplayer Shooters Use The Same Counter-Strike Style Gameplay?

CSGO is the multiplayer shooter that could be said to have redefined online warfare. In multiplayer shooters, two teams are pitted against each other in a fast-paced and intense battle. The objective is simple: take out the other team. Players must use their quick reflexes and sharp shooting skills to take down their opponents.

The most popular multiplayer shooter right now is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In this game, two teams of five players go up against each other in a fight to the death. The gameplay is fast-paced and exciting, and players must work together to win.

Other popular multiplayer shooters include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Battlefield 1. These games also pit two teams against each other, but the gameplay is slightly different. In both of these games, players can choose to play in different classes, each with its unique abilities. This adds an extra layer of strategy to the game, as players must carefully choose which class will help their team the most.

You’re sure to have a blast no matter which multiplayer shooter you play. These games are perfect for those who enjoy a challenge and working together as a team. So round up some friends and get ready for some intense competition.


Valorant is a competitive shooter from the developers of League of Legends, in the gameplay of which the mechanics of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch are crossed. From the first got a modern setting and shooting, and from the second – a system of heroes with unique abilities. Just imagine a typical competitive 5v5 CS: GO match, but during a firefight, you can, for example, stun and throw enemies into the air with a special projectile or use a rocket launcher and deal damage in a large area. Or even use supernatural powers.
Valorant can be safely called the youngest game, similar to CS: GO, since it was released in 2020. And at the same time, she confidently holds a high bar in terms of online, and therefore if you want something new from the category of tactical shooters, feel free to download this game.


An MMOFPS game developed by the German company Crytek (the authors of Crysis) with the participation of several other internal studios and distributed on a free-to-play basis. The Warface setting represents the near future, where a large-scale confrontation between two military corporations has unfolded.
The game offers traditional team-based PvP modes and cooperative PvE missions where players need to work together against AI-controlled enemies. Also, in Warface, there are four playable classes, four hundred types of weapons, each with several additional modules available, and a huge variety of maps.


Free tactical online shooter from 1C Game Company studio.
Compared to Counter-Strike, Caliber is not as fast a game, but it is just as focused on teamwork and challenges players to take on different roles in a squad. As far as regimes are concerned, there is both cooperation and rivalry.


A futuristic free-to-play shooter set in the far future where two multinational corporations are fighting for resources. Ironsight features over a hundred customizable weapons, extensive customization options, 14 combat zones with multi-level terrain, destructibility, and numerous interactive objects.
But the main advantages of the game are beautiful modern graphics and hurricane-rich gameplay, which became possible thanks to the use of the Iron Engine. All sorts of drones and combat robots are also available in Ironsight.


A tactical multiplayer shooter from Ubisoft, which has appeared more than once in various thematic collections on our website and therefore should be familiar to you. One of the best games in the genre, where in addition to dynamic shootouts, the clever use of tactical equipment and the service of the environment is essential.
By the way, the environment is characterized by a high level of destructibility, which also affects the course of the confrontation between the assault squad and the defenders. The tactical depth, realism, wide selection of weapons and equipment, and emphasis on close teamwork have made Rainbow Six: Siege so popular.


Perhaps, in our top, this is the game most similar in gameplay to Counter-Strike, primarily due to the Source engine and the setting dedicated to the Iraqi war.
The main features of Insurgency are:
Hardcore battles (no HUD, death from multiple shots, realistic ballistics).
Support for up to 32 people.
Three dozen maps.
Several cooperative modes.
The ability to play with bots.


A multiplayer shooter from Offworld Industries, the gameplay of which is based on mass battles with vehicles and the ability to build fortifications, in which hundreds of players (50×50) can simultaneously participate.
The game has vast maps (so that there is room for vehicles to deploy) and a large selection of weapons. The squad can best be described as a mixture of Counter-Strike and Arma.


Another free multiplayer shooter about the confrontation between special forces and terrorists. In addition to being similar to CS: GO, Black Squad attracts attention with its super realistic graphics and excellent visual effects.
The main difference between Black Squad and other games similar to Counter-Strike is the abundance of “fair” content: all items (weapons and equipment) that affect the gameplay can be purchased for game currency. Only cosmetic effects can be purchased with real money.


Multiplayer shooter about the Second World War, offering a choice of several classes and an impressive number of maps and modes.
The game uses Source technology, and many will find it closer to Counter-Strike: Source than to GO. In any case, the shooter is excellent and worthy of a mention at the top.


Fast-paced multiplayer shooter with seven character classes, 80 weapons, ten maps, and four game modes to choose from.
Of course, there are also numerous weapon skins so beloved by the players and various cosmetic items for the character.


Free-to-play online shooter from Doobic Studios. The shooter offers several modes traditional for the genre (“One against all,” “Capture the flag,” “Destruction”), the action of which takes place on rather impressive maps. Combat Arms came out on PC in 2008 but is still quite popular, especially among free multiplayer games like CS: GO.
Also, the advantage of Combat Arms is a large arsenal of weapons (more than 300 types), a lot of items of equipment that affect not only the appearance but also the characteristics of a fighter and the presence of a clan system and several eSports leagues.


Dynamic and entertaining free shooter from BlackSpot Entertainment, in which the developers tried to introduce several innovative mechanics (psionic abilities, a very detailed character editor, and so on).
Despite this and the futuristic setting (near future, powerful corporations, secret human experiments, etc.), Line of Sight is a CS: GO-like game. There is a large selection of weapons to be upgraded and customized, several dozen maps, a clan system, detailed statistics, and several modes.


As the highlight of our selection, ZULA is a classic team-based first-person shooter, where it will be easier to shoot opponents than to complete the objective of the mode. The set of activities is standard – there is a team battle, a bomb, and a PUBG-style battle royale. It’s funny, but the bomb mode completely copies what is in CS: GO and with very similar maps.
Some skins drop out for donations, but we will emphasize their diversity – the guns change beyond recognition, and some, due to cosmetic customization, become similar to alien blasters. Keychains are also attached to the skins – references to various characters and universes ( Deadpool, Brian Griffin).


A heroic team shooter where your character will not be a nameless special forces fighter or a terrorist but one of 20 mercenaries with unique abilities. Having studied them, you will be able to turn the course of the match even in the most hopeless situations.
Nevertheless, the developers did not set aside the shooter mechanics. And on the contrary, they tried to bring their brainchild closer to the origins of this genre, so the possession of firearms comes to the fore, and you won’t be able to hold out for a long time with crooked hands.


If you put Standoff 2 next to CS: GO, then even gamers who have devoted more than a dozen hours to skirmishes are unlikely to find differences immediately – the games are identical in every parameter: weapons, skins, mods, maps, opposing sides. You can compete in amateur matches or try your hand at the rankings and move up the ranks.
But this clone is exceptionally high quality – the number of downloads exceeds 50 million, which makes the game the most popular mobile shooter and one of the most recognizable games on mobile platforms.


Another good copy of CS: GO, although the location design instead refers us to the previous parts of the series. You will become part of the never-ending fight between terrorists and special forces soldiers and show your ability to aim with your fingers on small maps, pursuing a specific goal of the match. You can stand out from your opponents by choosing skins for your guns, dropped from our favorite cases.


Another clone of our favorite shooter. The graphics here are better than those of competitors (although it’s better not to look at the grass textures). The gameplay is based on all the same solid 5v5 shootouts, modern weapons, loot boxes, and other familiar details. Although the maps are trying to seem authorial, they can easily guess the narrow streets of Italy and the sandy palace in Morocco. What can be hidden behind such an original name?


Over a hundred million gamers have been on the battlefields of Modern Strike, another shooter very similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The authors do not hesitate to describe their brainchild as a mixture of CS and PUBG, wrapped in Call of Duty graphics. Still, we would approach the description more simply and honestly – just a good game with all recognizable mechanics that will help satisfy your thirst for competitive shootouts. If you connect to matches, there is no option in Global Offensive.


Special Forces Group 2 is more like Source than Global Offensive, but you understand that each iteration of Counter-Strike differs from the other only in a prettier picture. In addition to the classic modes, they offer the most popular zombie mode from Source and “Arms Race” and “Only sniper rifles,” which are well known from GO.


We are already running out of words to describe this game because the mobile clones of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are almost identical, and their differences lie only in modes and weapons. Critical Ops is also an excellent competitive shooter with attractive graphics, intense shootouts between terrorists and special forces, a rating system, and many other features inherent in the highlight of our selection. However, we do not recommend bad things.

Xbox takes advantage of PS Plus to recommend Game Pass

One of PS Now’s greatest inconveniences, and one that has moved to the premium category in the new PS Plus, is that it is not possible to use DLC in PS3 games, even if you already have this content. In this way, two Microsoft workers took this opportunity to remind players that this does not happen with Xboxgame Pass.

Through their respective accounts on Twitter, Eden Marie and Jordan Cohen, Xbox engineer and Xcloud worker respectively, they mentioned that When using Xbox Game Pass you can enjoy the DLC of all available games , as long as you have content already in your bookstore. This was what they mentioned:

“Hello Xbox! Did you know that cloud games servers have all DLC for a pre-installed game so that, if you possess it, it is applied? Happy game!

Our team worked for months to design a content management system that works automatically for all Xbox games and their DLC. And it had been perfecting it for years. Super gratifying that everything “simply works” automatically today. “

Recall that this is not the first time that Xbox makes a similar comment, and considering the problems that the new PS Plus has had with the community, is likely that this is not the last time that comments of this type call the attention of the attention of the attention of the public.

In related issues, Xbox has begun to give balance to its users. Similarly, former Microsoft executive makes a warning about Xbox Game Pass.

Editor’s note:

PlayStation Fans Angry Over Anti-Consumer Upgrade | Xbox Game Pass Responds to

The absence of DLC compatible with PS3 games adds to a growing list of decisions that have caused the disagreement of users. Recall that these titles can only be played through the cloud, which limits the regions where this category in the service will be available.

PlayStation Plus leaks reveal the first free PS1 games

Two separate leaks have revealed the first free PS1 games that will be included with the launch of PlayStation Plus Premium when it opens next month. In June, PlayStation Plus will expand with two new levels called PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium. The first is simply the marriage of the current iteration of PS Plus and PS Now. The latter is this more access to PS3, PS2, PS1 and PSP games. Before the launch of these two new levels, some of the playstation games of the Subscribers of PS Plus Premium will be filtered.

The first filtration comes from the Classification and Administration Committee of Korea Games, which recently described filter of siphon and filter of siphon 2 for release this could possibly insinuate a filter of siphon collection or some type of relaunch, but what seems most likely is that these games have been reclassified for PS Plus Premium.

The other leak is courtesy of the PSN Backend. More specifically, tekken 2 and Sr. perforator were recently charged, and without explanation, to the PSN backend. Again, could this be representative of some type of Bandai Namco collection? Of course, but the moment makes this an unlikely possibility.

If you are aware, there are four PS1 PS1 Premium games that have already leaked. If that is what these leaks are, the question arises from whether all PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games will be filtered similarly before the launch of PS Plus Premium. With these leaks receiving more attention, it is possible that all parties be more careful in the future, but the games classification boards, in particular, do not care what they filter, so they could be the gold mine in the future.

As always, we will keep them informed. Meanwhile, take these four games with tweezers. While something is happening with them, we don’t know what. At first glance, this seems to have something to do with PS Plus Premium, but we cannot confirm it.

NEW PS Plus Leak - PlayStation Classic Games REVEALED on the PSN Backend?!

As the situation develops, be sure to catch up with the latest PlayStation news, including not only the last rumors, leaks and speculation, but also the latest official news, reviews, advances, interviews and offers, clicking here..

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