The soul gangs play an important role in the final game in Wow Shadow lands and offer various adaptation opportunities in the form of different media. Who wanted to change the latter, has always had to visit the appropriate altar in the sanctum of his pact – a sometimes pretty cumbersome tour. But that will change with WOW Patch 9.2 .

For when we start the new update the end of eternity to Earth Morris to put the craftsman’s craft, we will enjoy a small but fine comfort change: It will be in the main hub of Earth Morris, the so-called refuge, give a new forge of the soul gang where we can change the media of our soul gang.

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Less running paths, more time for RAIDS and Co.

Straight players who often switch their pacts and that with patch 9.2 may be more likely to do than before, SAVE a lot of time and running paths. Instead of traveling over long flight routes awkward to travel to their own pacts, we can easily use Tribes a portal to Earth Morris and visit the blacksmith in the refuge. It is once more worthwhile to bind the own relaxation to the inn of Tribes.

We want to know of you: What do you think about this change? Do you fear that the parcel scanning can be developed further? Or welcomes this adaptation as a useful quality-of-life feature that makes you the raider and other endgame content more pleasant than before? Write us your opinion in the comments!