Get ready to explore a world that needs to be saved. The independent developer’s puzzle adventure 2FOR2, Kappa, is preparing to embark on his story tomorrow. A press release on the game provides more details on history. In addition, the version speaks of control schemes, puzzles, etc.

Kappa places the player in the perspective of a grandfather and granddaughter duo. The Kappa’s world is a broken world in two. Two coalitions at war, east and west, and people living in domes. The player will play both as a grandfather and granddaughter as they discover the crises that broke their world.

The game offers both a point-click and a modern approach to exploration. The players will play two points of view of the grandfather, Stefan, and the granddaughter, Deny. Each perspective will offer a unique story when they work towards a common goal.

A trailer, published last year, gives players a glimpse of the artistic style of the game and gameplay. In addition, the trailer helps to showcase the story.

The style of the game seems animated and can give players the impression of participating in a show. You can see a mixture of medieval and modern, funky and elegance. It is the world of Kappa. And he needs help.

Kappa should go out tomorrow 25 January. He will come out on PC via Steam. Are you ready to dive into Kappa’s apocalyptic world? Do you think you need to save the world?