Since its launch last February, Elden Ring has been a monumental success and has headed sales lists around the world . Defined by many as one of the best games of the year, the production of Fromsoftware has given to talk on all platforms… including YouTube. Where he has devastated and has made many remember that social network.

Recently, YouTube Gaming revealed some impressive data that show the impact of Elden Ring on the transmission platform.

How did Elden Ring de YouTube take over?

In just two months, the Fromsoftware game achieved more than 3.4 billion visits on YouTube . An incredible figure that has put the ribbon very, very high for other video game productions that fight to reach the same statistics. In comparison, GTA V, which is the second largest success of video games on the platform, achieved in its launch Solo 1.9 billion visualizations . Although that was in 2013 and the platform has evolved in these years.

Another example that can serve is that of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the production of Nintendo video games recorded 638 million visualizations during the first two months of its launch. A good difference anyway with the figures recorded by the FromSoftware game.

Thanks to the various videos of Speedruns, challenges, advice, compilations, fights against bosses and others, Elden Ring has climbed to the top of the YouTube lists and has changed the platform totally.

most seen bosses

  1. Margit
  2. MALENIA, Miquella Sword
  3. Godrick
  4. Radahn, the scourge of the stars
  5. Sentinel of the draconic tree

While we could have imagined Malenia in the first place, Margit is the most seen chief on YouTube, without a doubt with the purpose of to overcome her. Since she is one of the first hard clashes.

more seen launching videos

  1. Coryxkenshin-elden Ring is Rage Game of 2022 (6.2 million visits)
  2. Asheswolf-Elden Ring-Max Level 713 vs Bosses GamePlay (5.7 million visits)
  3. Boomstick Gaming-elden Ring | Get overpowered from the beginning (5.3 million visits)
  4. Joel Haver-elden Ring from the perspective of the NPC (5 million visits)
  5. Jacksepticeye-mejor game of the last 5 years (4.8 million visits)

The most popular classes

  1. Samurai
  2. Hero
  3. Vagabund
  4. Astrologer
  5. Guerrero

Elden Ring has really marked the history of the video game industry, since it has enjoyed exceptional success. On all platforms, the game has been seen and transmitted thousands of times, which makes it a true jewel.

One thing is clear, the next video game releases will have difficulty overcoming the visualizations bar achieved by Elden Ring.