The Manga and Elanime is about to have a turning point that raises even more the status of the Japanese animation industry as we know it. It is normal that you see it as an exaggeration, do not worry, but if we start reviewing the number of works that will be released next October, you will understand why there will be a final section of the year in which social networks are filled with Drawings and anime scenes that move us or get excited.


Next, we show you The main anime that will be autumn of 2022 an unprecedented event and that will give us enough reasons to be lovers of this sector.

Chainsaw Man, the most anticipated anime of all 2022

Chainsaw Man It is, from afar, the anime that everyone has more desire to see this year 2022 . It doesn’t matter Boku No Hero, Cyberpunk Edgerunners does not matter, the series starring Denji and Makima presented very recently a new trailer in which we could see the first steps of Chainsaw Man, with Pochita inside and leaving a huge trace of blood there Wherever I go.

It will be the next October when we can enjoy the bloody adventures created by Tatsuki Fujimoto, although it is true that we still do not know how many chapters, volumes or arches will include this season. The study has reiterated that will be quite transparent and that they will not be cut with the gore , and if we add that the voice actors have left the soul to bring this shonen masterpiece to the small screen, we just want it to arrive already October to live a unique experience.

Boku no hero returns with a very promising arch

While the last Boku No Hero season was not the most exciting of all, it is because ** the new one will completely close the saga of the rise of the villains. With the same structure of these years: an annual season of 25 chapters that will form an entire arch (or more) about the history of Deku and company, although this time it will be quite special.

And it is that in this fifth season we will finally see a direct confrontation between heroes and villains , that is, the enormous power of Izuku Midoriya and his classmates with all might against the fierce fury of Tomura Shigaraki next to the entire Villains League to get the maximum power of the All For One.

Spy X Family; Anya comes back and it’s all we need

Another of the anime that has surprised us most throughout this 2022 has been Spy X Family, the comedy but exciting family adventure of the most powerful spies in all of Japan. Recall that the Forger family is made up of Loid, a more class gunman than James Bond; Yor, an unscrupulous murderer who loves to take care of her daughter; And Anya, one of the girls we want most today and for which we would kill anyone to see her smile.

It will be in October when we canknow more about everything that surrounds the family *, following the main plot and enjoying the enormous animation that Wit Studio gives us to be able to enjoy this family adventure to the fullest.

Blue Lock; Oliver and Benji with super powers always cool

Oliver and Benji invaded many’s house to fall in love with the complete football, leaving us images for memory and an insane hobby for running in a quilometric soccer field for weeks. However, when we reached adolescence, it was Inazuma Eleven the one who came into our lives, with incredible movements and a spark that no other anime had at that time.

Now is the turn of Blue Lock, an anime that aims to be one of the spokon (sports anime) that hooks everyone as it happened with Hajime no Ippo or Slam Dunk in the 90 or haikyuu and kuroko no basket of the last decade . As with the previous ones, it will arrive in October of this year through Crunchyroll.

Bleach returns high

The most anticipated return of all is, of course, that of Ichigo Kurosaki , the main protagonist of an ancient work like herself: Bleach. The Saga of the Bloody War of the 1000 years aims For the criminal.

The new arc will include the truth about the Quincy, since they did not really die and ended up hiding in the Shadow area of Seireitei using their huge skills. Once they gathered enough power, the Wandenreich called themselves and, after this, they conquered the world of the holes. Pierrot will encourage this last arch and will premiere, of course, in October 2022.

Mob psycho 100, the final climax to an almost perfect work

Last but not much less important, we find a work that has increasingly fallen in love with the spectators who have seen the two previous seasons and who look forward to the end of Shigeo Kageyama and Reigen Arataka. The creator of One Punch Man raised a step at the narrative level with this work , creating an extremely powerful character as well as Saitama, but with a touch of feeling that will make us cry like never before.

It will be the October 6 when the last Shigeo stop in our lives arrives, since it will close the plot that left open in the second season and completely end the last loose ends that remain in history to Long, possibly, 12 or 13 chapters in which Bones will leave the soul to shine for the last time with our favorite psychic.

Other anime that will arrive this season and give what to talk about will be the following:

  • Mairimashita season 3
  • Season 2 of To your eternity
  • Golden Kamuy Season 4
  • Poputepipikku season 2