If the greatest joy from THQ Nordic in the lSurvivalt hours had to do with the return of the Survival Horror Alone in the Dark seminal, the surprise came for a hidden letter in the real-time strategy, a genre also known by RTS **. And, if we already knew, for ads prior to the recent showcSurvivale, which were coming titles of this type with a medieval atmosphere, we completely ignored that we would also travel to other planets.

Tempest Rising and the RTS of clSurvivalsical inspiration

But Tempest Rising not only travels in space, he also does it in time. The inspiration of the same comes, according to its authors, from golden moments of the genre in the 90s and early 2000s. It wSurvival the time of clSurvivalsics such Survival Starcraft, Age of Empire, Warcraft and Command and Conquer .

And it is the latter, the clSurvivalsic developed by Westwood Studios , which serves Survival the main inspiration for the Thq Nordic game. Of course, it is to point high. Everything is to remember (maybe to reverde?) Glorious times of a genre that triumphed in the computers of the time.


You know what awaits us. War environment, bSurvivale construction, skirmishes, fierce fighting in which to leave digital life, troop management, vehicles and weapons… and all with an aerial perspective with an isometric touch that allows us, which board game, have a global view of the game map to better manage our strategy.

The bad news is that it still hSurvival to wait. The Thq Nordic game in collaboration with 2b Games will not reach our homes until next year. In principle it will be for PC, habitual home of the genus RTS. We will see then if you manage to return the luster to a genre that should never have lost it.