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FCA receives Hertha: For Weinzierl no final

Three, six or nine counters will be the projection of the Augsburger on the current tables-17. from the capital on Saturday night. From yet greater relegation of descent to the well-realistic planning security for another year in the Bundesliga, so everything is there. Nevertheless, weinzierl does not mean the maximum meaning to the basement duel on Saturday (15.30, Live! At games). “It’s not a final. We have four games afterwards. It is a very important game in which we can go a giant step,” emphasized the 47-year-old at the press conference on Thursday.

The trend is clearly clear for the Augsburg. While Hertha lost seven of the youngest eight Bundesliga games, the FCA took six of nine possible points in the English week. The performance at the only defeat, the 0: 1 in Munich last Saturday, was positive. “Decisive is what we put in the place. It was always our approach to believe in our home strength and put it on them. As against Mainz, as we have delivered a great fight, and how against Wolfsburg, as we playfully Looking good over wide stretches, “Wezierl looked back on the last success. Six home victories celebrated the FCA this season – more it was last for the FCA in 2014/15, when even won at home nine times.

“It’s only over 110 percent use, will and passion”

In the case of three outstanding games in the WWK-Arena, the internal record could still be set – which of course would be synonymous with the league. Despite the good phase, he is “no self-runner” despite the good phase. “It’s only over 110 percent use, will and passion. So we have to work as a team and work against the opponent who has individually a lot of quality,” explained the coach, who despite the Berliner descent before their switching movements and the strength of standards warned.

FCA: Weinzierl gegen Luhukay

After surviving Corona infection, Mads Pedersen returns to the squad on Saturday. Whether Felix Uduokhai is already there again, will show. After the defensive player last had to pause with muscular problems in the thigh and missed three games, he was able to enter the team training this week again.

Daniel Caligiuri and Florian Leakerner prepare weinzierl, on the other hand, “a bit worry”. How and why, the coach did not give any information. Also on the concrete consultation, which is with both and whether they threaten to fail in the longer term, weinzierlingly answers: “It is clarified. Then we have to look at when and whether they are available.”

Niederechner, contrary to the original announcement, lacked an extra-sporting event on Wednesday, as some players and weinzierl handled for spades and planted the first trees for the FCA forest. In cooperation with the city of Augsburg, there are to be planted there in the coming four years as part of the sustainability strategy of the club 20,000 trees.

The residual program of the Bundesliga

Do not throw away mobile phone: five ideas for the old smartphone

Who buys a new phone, should not leave the old smartphone unused. There are ideas.

Germany – year after year, companies like Apple or Samsung present new smartphone models. Like a study of TU Berlin in 2019, 67 percent of the persons over 18 years buy a new cell phone, although their old device is still wonderful. Behind it is always the wish to have the latest. But what do you do with the old equipment?

Mobile Do not throw away: Five ideas to use the old smartphone

They should not throw away old smartphones. Leaving his cell phones in a drawer is not a good idea. Who does not want to earn a few euros with his old device, but has several ways to use it.

One way could be, for example, to make a remote control from his smartph1. The easiest way is about apps. If you own a smartphone and a TV of the same brand, such as Samsung, the whole thing works quickly and easily. Mostly, several devices such as TV, Soundbar and the like can be used via a mobile phone.

Use mobile phone: Use smartphone in home office

The old smartphone can also be used very well in the home office. There are two possibilities equal. Who does not have a webcam, can convert the phone to it. Even an app is necessary. Here, Among other things, ManyCAM offers (read more service topics at smartphone unused).

The tool must be installed on both the PC and on the ph1. Another use of the smartphone in the home office is to make it to his work teleph1. In this way you have your own number for the job and can separate the profession and privacy even better.

New purpose for the old phone: smartphone is perfect for parents

Anyone who expects offspring or even has a baby at home, which can use the old smartphone as well. Instead of a babyfons, the mobile phone can be used to have an eye on his child. There are special apps for that, but you can also try a video call via WhatsApp or Microsoft teams.

Another way to use the old phone in connection with his children is to make it to their new. All new devices are usually too expensive to give them in children’s hands. The already used smartphones can break quietly in an emergency. By the way: Children should only get their own mobile phone from nine years, the 12th year of life is recommended.

Dispose of mobile phone: So you get the old device right

If you really can not use the old device anymore, you can not dispose of it easy in household waste. The mobile phone contains substances that could be recycled. In addition, toxic ingredients are also included. Therefore, the devices can be delivered either in the specialized trade or dispose of the recycling center.

10 GENIUS Ways to Reuse Your Old Smartphone

Various environmental projects also accept old smartphones, and dispose of environmentally friendly. Some devices are even repaired there and then sold again. Either way, you have done something good for Mother Nature.

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