Elden Ring has many powerful and inexorable bosses that players must defeat, traveling to interzemes, including Homrics. If the players won the battle with this main boss in Elden Ring, they will receive the subject of “memory of grafting” over their festive runes and satisfaction from victory, but what makes this subject?

There are several options for using the consumable Item “Memories of Grafs” in Elden Ring:

Memories of grafting use

What To Do With Remembrance Of The Grafted Elden Ring
* 20 000 RUN (use subject upon receipt)
* Homerika ax (Great Ax)
* graft dragon (fists)

Those who are interested in unique weapons offered by this subject can talk to Ani in Round table . Exchange with it item and choose which equipment you want to add to your arsenal.

If you have already used a memory, but still want to get it equipment, do not worry; You can duplicate the memory once by going to one of the gaming walking mausoleums . These gigantic creatures demonstrate a large bell under their torso and travel around the world. To knock them down, you will have to attack, scraping dirt from their feet. Keep in mind: You can restore only one memories for walking mausoleum and only one at a time.

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