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Com2us, Company V22 New Content Update … Introduction of club system

Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee, Yi), has been conducted a new content update, including the introduction of the ‘Club System’ of ‘Com22’ (Company V22).

The Computa V22 is a new reality and casual game performance with a new reality that contains the 20-year development know-how of Com2us. It is a popular manipulation through the highest level of graphic quality, convenient operation through the high level of geographical and vertical play, and has been popular with many popularity since its launch.

The newly introduced ‘club system’ is a community content that allows users to enjoy the game, supporting smooth communication between the dedicated chat function through a dedicated chat function. Com2us is scheduled to provide a different fun with new content updates of club systems such as cooperative playback.

In addition, the “invitation code confrontation”, which can spread the opponent and real-time battle, also applied. By sending separate codes in the game to invite other users, you can play 24 hours a day without limitation.

In addition, achieving certain conditions through game progress, further sophisticated the achievements of the achievement system that provide compensation and increase the growth of growth.

Com2us has also provided a ‘Roulette Event’ that enhances the play fun of the compute V22 with this update. When you play various contents, such as ranking challenge, league mode, you can participate in three events every day, and various items such as advanced scout tickets are available daily when you play various contents such as ranking challenge, league mode.

More information on this update is available in the Computia V22 official community.

The presidential candidate game policy workshop, a major issue

The game policy is emerging with its core commitment, while the incense of the 20th presidential election is 2030. The commitment of each candidate looks similar, but it has a significant difference in detail. In particular, a fierce studio of some issues was unfolded. Let’s take a while to see the difference in the commitment and issues of each presidential candidate in that sense.

Similar to different probability items

As the most important issue in the game system, all candidates are as follows, and they were in favor of the obligation of probabilistic item information and were as follows. However, the details show the difference. In addition, the Democratic Party’s candidate declared that the Complete Geisha would not be able to ban the front of the Citizens, In addition, Lee Jae-nami candidate and the Citizens’ Party AHN Cheol-soo, all the probability operations should be punished, and it has expressed strong will of the legal regulation. Run Seok-yeol said, but he said that it could be made in a fraudulent for the operation through Taehyung, Ha TAE Hyung, but he did not speak directly.

Different orientation E-sports policy

E Sports activation is the most prominent position of each candidate in a common premise. The candidate Lee Vietnam said, including the establishment of the business team, including the expansion of the stock, In addition, the Democratic Party of Democratic Dungeon was criticized for the commitment to Run Seok-hyeon, and a commitment to the E-sports, which is not a reality, and the defense of the KIM’s Ha TAE Hyung, refuted the commitment to quote the policy research report from Antonin. Meanwhile, AHN, Cheol-soo, in the midst of suggesting a military service specific law,

Once unanimously matching, the income of the disease code

All candidates were the same as the opposite opinion. In the interview, which had been conducted on the game medium on the day of the day on the Run Smokey Camp, he has seen a positive attitude to the introduction of disease code, but it was denied that it has not been able to proceed with the interview.

Responding to the difference between recognition and business deployment


Although both candidates are the same direction for the disabled game, the two candidates are different, but the details are different. The candidate Lee Vietnam said he said that it will be the launch of a regular E-sports league or related campaigns, while Soon Suk-yeol’s candidate is to install the Disabled Game Accessibility Committee and developed and disseminate various auxiliaries and software. One side means that it will be able to strengthen the institution, and the other, and the other is interpreted as intent to develop business by developing business.

Positive, but carefully, P2E · NFT

Lee Joe Name Candidate and AHN Cheol-soo showed a somewhat opposed response. Lee Pre-noting said, I can not stop the flow of existence, he said, I need to lead it rather than a negative view. Of course, he added that in the game, the game, metabus specialted by the Metropolitan Government, On the other hand, AHN, Cheol-soo is not negative, but he would not be late for a year, and it would not be late to judge overseas.

Working environment, indie games, user interest, game access, etc.

In addition, each candidate was committed to a separate policy associated with the game. The candidate of Lee Vietnam shall argue that it should improve the working environment of the game industry while mentioning the 120-hour labor-related remarks of Soon Sky’s candidate, and in the meantime, On the other hand, Soon Suk-yeol announced that the candidate of Soon Suk-yeol will be able to care about the protection of the rights of the game, and to improve the accessibility of the entire use of the entire use of the entire use of the game,

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