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LOL, the emergence of Belves new champion with infinite attack speed

Riot Games’ PC MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game, a new champion of a wicked new champion who will end the end of Roontera in the League of Legends (League of Legends). It is the LOL 160th champion, the empress of Void, Bel’Veth.

Velvez is a character who seizes the entire Rundera and tries to rebuild the world according to his twisted imagination. When he is involved in large monsters or champions and epic monsters, he has a passive that builds up the ‘Yeonbora’ overlap and permanently increases the attack speed.. In particular, as the next two attack speeds increase after using the skill, Velvez is expected to play an active part in the jungle line.

Velvet’s first skill, Void Flood, is a dash that causes damage to enemies located in the path. The second skill, Up and Back, also has the effect of reducing the short time into the air and slowing down the waiting time for the reuse of void rush when hit by enemy champions. ‘The Whirlpool of the Empress’ is a mental concentration, causing swirls around the surroundings, and the skills that are proportional to the physical strength of the target whenever the enemy is the lowest in the range.

The ultimate Endless Banquet is involved in champions and Epic monster treatment, and the void coral pieces fall, and each time the same target is attacked twice, it has the basic sustainable effect to add additional fixed damage. In addition, if Belves consumes a piece of void coral, Velvez can be transformed into a moment and can fight. If you consume the messenger of the canyon or the void coral left by Baron, it is possible to revive the minion that dies around by the void.


Belvez, which has a fast attack speed, is a champion with potential to contribute greatly to the team’s victory if it can grow stably. There is no restriction on the attack speed stack with the basic sustainable effect, and the ultimate specifications can be greatly raised. As it is strong in the one-on-one confrontation, it is also a strength of Belves that it can take the lead in the second half of the game.

More details about the new champion Belves can be found on the official LOL website. In addition, Riot Games will introduce a variety of ways to use Velves through the new champion introduction corner, Champanda, which will be released today (10th). The Champ Panda Velves can be viewed through the official YouTube, Facebook, and Naver TV.

LOL: A Thresh with more than 500 armor vs 4 Ashes, the confrontation that ended in tragedy

When we talk about unusual moments in League of Legends, we always come to mind extremely difficult plays to do with complicated characters such as Akali, or some bug or failure that breaks completely (for good or badly depending on error ) Our experience playing a competitive game within the crack of the invoker. But it is not always like that, and on many occasions you do not need to be skillful to reach fame in Reddit.

I play Thresh but I actually 1 shot you with an auto attack (100% CRIT)

The game mode one for all has given more than one occasion terrifying and funny ideas to anyone who wanted to offer a new new experience to a particular champion. While we have seen any other Malphite based on critical attacks or a brand entirely focused on basic attacks, this time we will talk about a thresh that has its build more common at a level beyond : reach 530 armor points and be a practically invincible beast for the physical damage champions.

Such was the power of this champion that, in a play where he was totally alone and without help, he could end up with four ashes who did not stop doing it continuous harm. Keep in mind that the shooter has the maximum concentration that causes a huge DPS, and that even so hardly tickling a Thresh who with his Build pure tank next to his passive – condemnation has come to stacker more than 500 armor.

To this you have to add the shield that the Gargoyla offers, an object that makes it much more tank than usual and that with the received damage it makes a Titan with thirst for blood. The play would last long, enough so that the passive of the vest of Sarzas did the work of it and provoke the death of each and every one of them at the hands of the relentless jailer. It is not the first time we see a tank like that, but seeing him face four shooters at the same time always surprises.

Lol: the interaction hated by all that has been in the game and Riot does not know how to eliminate

The clarity of League of Legends is one of the great obsessions of Riot Games and the developer constantly works to improve champions and its effects to meet a high quality standard. The effort has not stopped over the past few years and the truth is that the improvements have been very considerable and there will even be some in the next 12.7 patch. However, there is an element that is still resisting the company and is the most difficult to solve every1. We talk about the invoker crack **, which has a design problem hated by the community.

10 CANCELLED Champions You NEVER KNEW Existed - League of Legends

The rate of the crack of the invoker that should disappear

Although from the perspective of the League of Legends Chamber as soon as it is appreciated, many players already know that the loyalty crack is not a flat surface. The main map for normal items and qualifying modes has important unevenness in different jungle areas and on the river that connects the side streets with the center line. Far from being anecdotal, this element is one of the most problematic for the title and that cheats players making the performance of skills unpredictable .

A player wanted to show to what extent this situation is a problem with an example of the most revealing about this system. It shows as skills that seem not to connect do and those that seem to have failed actually can impact.

Although in the video we have one of the most obvious examples of how League of Legends can change a game, Gangplank’s barrels are not the only affected skill. Any spell extends its range when it is thrown uphill and there may even be inexplicable trajectory changes . A situation that Riot Games has not corrected since the last revision to the summaker’s crack that took place at the end of 2014 and of which the community has complained constantly the last eight years.

In fact, players have wondered why they do not decide to eliminate this problem. The truth is that League of Legends does not have any mechanics that takes into account the height at which it is in character , being only an aesthetic add that does not contribute anything more than problems to gameplay. It would not be a simple update and Riot Games does not appear to be in a hurry to renew the crack beyond adding new elements, although in the long term it would be one of the most grateful quality of life settings.

The design decisions of the invoker crack have also left the game without some interesting additives. For example, the Community raised the idea of creating a skill similar to the Q (BOMBRAK) of SIVIR that could be launched by bouncing on the wall. A situation that would be impossible due to strange design decisions regarding their walls. In the end, it is a inherited situation from the far past of League of Legends , when Riot Games did not have a “Top” development team or the future of the game was raised more than a decade away.

Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to sneak and catch Pokemon easily

Pokemon Legends Arceus changes a bit the usual rate of the series by compelling players to catch different Pokémon several times to complete the research tasks. As a result, you will want to know how to catch Pokémon easily, and the best way we have found to do it is closer and receive a hit hit. Here is How to sneak into Pokemon Legends Arceus to help you in your capture efforts.

Stroke in Pokémon Legends Arceus

To sneak you, just press button B. This will force your character to bend, and in that position it will move a little slower, but the Pokémon will not detect you so easily.

We also recommend using close grass nearby when you try to stealthily approach Pokémon, as this makes it even harder for them to detect you.

Ideally, you will want to stealthily approach a Pokémon approaching him. Not as close as to push him down his back, but close enough to throw a pokébola and catch him. While you can throw a pokébola from behind, it is almost certain that you will be traveled, as it will count as something called blow in the back.

We must bear in mind that this is the best way to catch Pokémon easily in Pokémon Legends Arceus. When running head towards a Pokémon, it will be alerted and can begin to attack you or your Pokémon, which will cause a real battle. This can take time, especially if you are just trying to catch a weaker ‘Mon’, so always try the stealth approach every time you have the opportunity.

How To Catch Alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

That’s all you need to know about How to sneak into Pokemon Legends Arceus . With your new stealth skills, you should be able to catch Pokémon easily. To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our wiki or see more of our coverage about the game below.

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LOL: Akalis new Build that fascinates professionals and revives an old riot games riot

Professional players of League of Legends have happened to him great with Akali from the same time when Riot Games launched the character’s rework. Fortuna for them and a real nightmare for developers, who have seen how the champion became one of the most difficult to balance. After a lot of work and even a small rework it seemed that they had achieved it. However, professionals have found a new way to end the expectations of the balance team with a new Build based on the Turbo Quimiotanque.

The perfect object of Akali that revives a riot nightmare

The new construction of objects appeared for the first time during the second week of big leagues and since then has become a dangerous fashion . Unlike cases in which it has been shown that professionals could be making a mistake, this time they have the data on their part. Its victory rate in qualifying games and even in competitive is promoted very remarkably giving rise to a very unpleasant sensation: she does so much damage and the Akali of always, but holds double.

Although with a considerably minor ability of ability, the objective of this new construction of objects is to take advantage of the unforeseen synergy between the Turbo Chemotanque and the DEMONY HUG **. They are not objects that we expected to see together by going destined to categories that the developers of League of Legends consider differentiated. However, they have in common the fact of favoring the champions according to their maximum life. With this method the champion compensates for the apparent lack of ability to skill it and is able to achieve even better results against the most resistant heroes.

ZERI REWORK 2022 Gameplay Spotlight Guide - League of Legends

Since this Build was popular, the champion has raised the victory rate of it more than remarkable. ** She now manages to win 52.32% of the items in which the chemotanque is chosen and uses as a selection of mythical object. Some data that allows you to get over the average for the first time in several seasons. The results of it also rebunt in the professional game. She has a positive victory rate and her presence (items in which she is chosen or banned) has risen to 62.3% in the latest version. A trend upward that she seems destined to continue.

This is not the first time Riot Games meets a similar problem. Whenever it has been viable, players have chosen resistance-based constructions for some of the most aggressive game champions. She passed with FIZZ , EKKO or KAYN . The Riot solution is always the same and it seems written in the formula to adjust League of Legends: considerably reduce the base damage of skills and increase its scaling.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Space Time

In our Guide to the room-time distortion in Pokémon legends: Arceus Leaders:

  • What exactly space-time distortions are
  • Where your room time distorts finds
  • Which Pokémon and Items can find you there

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What is a room-time distortion in Pokémon legends: Arceus?

Space time distortions are Special events in Pokémon legends: Arceus, which can happen by chance, as soon as your member rank 2 has reached the galactic expedition and red marshland. You can take place in all regions – except in Jubeldorf -.

A space-time distortion will be marked on the map and you recognize it in the game world from afar at the dome in rainbow colors . Within the dome, depending on the region, you will meet exclusive Pokémon, which you can only catch in space-time distortion. In addition, you will find all kinds of useful items there.

As soon as a room time distort is imminent, you will be notified. You then have a few minutes to prepare for you. It is best empty your inventory so you can collect all its items and grabs enough poké balls to catch the rare and exclusive Pokémon in space-time distortion . In addition, ensures that your Pokémon have full lives and have enough healing drinks.

Which Pokémon do I find only in space-time distortion?

Some Pokémon can only be found in room-time distortions. They differ depending on the area where the space-time distortion takes place. In the following, we list you All exclusive Pokémon according to the different areas divided.

Tip : The developments of Evoli – Feelinara, Nachtara and Co. – you can also get by passing and developing your Evoli.

Obsidian Grassland

  • Feelinara
  • Gengar
  • Sniebel
  • Snibunna

Red marshland

  • Nachtara
  • Flamara
  • Prygon
  • Prygon2
  • Porygon-Z
  • Fiery (only appears if you have finished the story)
  • Igelavar (only appears if you have finished the story)
  • Hisui-Tornupo (only appears when you finished the story)

Cobalt coastal land

  • Magnetilo
  • Magneton
  • Aquana
  • Flamara

Craterberg highlands

  • Magbrant
  • Blitza
  • Feelinara
  • Koknodon
  • Rameidon
  • Schilterus
  • Bollterus
  • Bauz (only appears when you finished the story)
  • Arboretoss (only appears when you finished the story)
  • Hisui-Silvarro (only appears when you finished the story)

White frostland

  • Scherox
  • Glaciola
  • Psiana
  • Ottaro (only appears when you finished the story)
  • Zwauttronin (only appears if you have finished the story)
  • Hisui-Admurai (only appears when you finished the story)

Which items do I find in space-time distortion?

In addition to the Pokémon you will find many rare items in the room-time distortion. However, these do not differ according to the areas. You can find the following items theoretically, they appear random.

Item To use
Leaf stone Evoli develops to Folipurba and Hisui-Voltobal to Hisui-Lectral.
Donnerstein Devoli develops to Straßa and Pikachu to Raichu.
Dallestum Develops for twirring fountain.
Feuerstein Evoli develops to Flamara, Vulpix to Vulnona and Hisui-Fukano to Hisui-Arkani.
Finsterstein Developed Kramurx to Kramshef and Traunfugil to TraunMagil.
Funkelstein Develops Kirlia (male) to Galagladi and Kirlia (female) to Frosdedje.

Green piece | Can be used for crafting a starry.
Indigo piece | Can be used for crafting a starry.
Light stone | Develop Roselia to Roserade and Togetic to Togekiss.
Magmaiser | Develop Magmar to Magbrant.
Metal coat | Develops Onix to Stahlos and Lichlor to Scherox.
Moonstone | Develops beepi to Pixi.
Nugget | Can be sold for 10,000 pokédollars.
Purple | Can be used for crafting a starry.
Sharpenklaue | Develops Hisui-Sniebel to Sniebs.
Sharpening | Develop Skorgla to Skorgro.
Protector | Developed Rizeros to Rihornior.
Schwarzaugit | Develop Licher to Axantor.
Sunstone | Developed Lilminip to Hisui-Dressella.
Star dust | Can be used for crafting a starry.
Starry | Can be sold for 5,000 pokédollars.
Electricizer | Developed elektk to Elevoltek.
Peat Block | Develops Urs Aring to Ursaluna.
Connection cord | Developed Kadabra to Simsala, Machock to Machomei, Georok to Geowaz and Alpollo to Gengar.
Waterstone | Devoli develops to Aquana.

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