An unprecedented example of self-criticism was demonstrated by the creative director of Donkey Crew, Florian Hoffreiter, writing a phrase on the Last Oasis page on the Last Oasis page, which can be translated as Last Oasis-sucks.


The director continued his thought on the developers blog in Steam. He said that he does not enjoy his own game, especially if you compare it with other products in the MMO for survival genre. And in order to correct the situation, the team made a volitional decision to remake the game almost from scratch in the fifth season.

_ After the fourth season, I finally dawned on me. I was in pursuit of wild geese. I tried to find out the reason why the players did not enjoy LO. This is a barren activity until I can answer why I am not fun. Suddenly the question What can I do to fix LO? Changed to If I did LO from scratch, what would I do? And the answer to this question is the 5th season, _-shares Florian’s revelations.

As noted earlier, in the fifth season, the game mechanics will be completely redesigned: from the removal of the most important mechanics of the burn to changes in the principles of progress and construction, as well as the transformation of battles into cruel PVE-Boya, and not into a full-fledged PVP gank.

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