One of the most expected games for this year was Hogwarts Legacy , bet of wb games that places us in an open world set in the magical universe of Harry Potter. and inside This story, many wondered if the sport par excellence of the work will appear, the Quidditch , before this its creators already have an answer.

Avalanche mentioned that it will not be possible to access the sport of the magical world, but that there are alternatives for those looking for a height experience, this thanks to a free displacement through the broom. Also, it is included on the flight in the hypogryph, iconic creature of the work that is of great importance in the third book and film.


Here you can check the comment:

Quidditch cannot be played at Hogwarts Legacy. However, this does not mean the purpose of flying, since you can travel Hogwarts in your broom between magic lessons and compete with other students. The broom flight to cross and the challenges of broom racing are part of the game. Players can also fly brooms to explore new and family places surrounding Hogwarts Castle.

Given this, some users have ended up disappointed, but it is somewhat understandable that the Quidditch is absent, since developers have fully focused on exploration as well as the different classes. This is added to visits to nearby towns, characteristics that other games of this same franchise did not have.

Remember that the game is released on February 10, 2023. **