The continuation of the original Sci-Fi adventure of Guerrilla Games appears in a few weeks. A new story trailer now reveals what you can expect from Ally’s next adventure. This obviously comes well, because of the community there are doing applause.

Old friends and new companions

Horizon Forbidden West leads you – as the name already reveals – in the forbidden West. The almost three-minute story trailer shows which dangers lurk there. For a new plague threatens to destroy the world, the machines play crazy and leader Regalia and their rebels kill anyone who puts themselves in their way.

An old face also returns and could lead evil in the shield. The speech is of SYL ENS , which still helped you in Horizon Zero Dawn (compulsory).

But all alone your Ally’s mission does not have to be denied. On your journey you will know new allies and gets the help of old acquaintances, including Earl and Trend .

How well the trailer has actually become, you can see here:

Horizon trailer ensures hype

Under the video on YouTube, predominantly positive comments are found. It is especially praised the great music , which has prepared some goose bumps. The return of the earlier companions ensures mortar law for hype. (Source: YouTube – PlayStation roof)


On Reddit, the community does not respond otherwise. It is even speculated that could actually flee a group of people in front of the Apocalypse in space and returned after a long time. Also, the mysterious woman at the end of the trailer is associated with this theory. (Source: Reddit – Horizon)

How Ally’s story goes on, you are expected to experience on 18 February 2022 if Horizon Forbidden West appears for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.