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[News] Miracle Day, even the site of passion! Yeonme -dong 4th anniversary with maple landscape

‘Yeonme-dong 4th Anniversary with MAPLE’ was held at the Yangjae AT Center in Seoul on July 17.

The stage consists of events for Maple users. From the main events ‘OX Quiz’ and ‘Maple Golden Bell’ to ‘Super Power Play’ and ‘Maple One Card’, it was full of stages that could not be passed by Maple Story.

The stage of passion that Miracle Day could not be stopped! I put the hot scene on the camera.

■ Yonsei University Maple Story Club Chairman ‘Kim Sang-hyun’ Interview

Q. Congratulations on holding ‘With MAPLE’ of Maple Clubs in Yonsei University. First of all, please introduce a simple self-introduction and club.
a. Hello, this is Kim Sang-hyun, president of Maple Story Club. He majors in economics as 17th student at Yonsei University as a present life (real life), and he is raising the Luna Server 272 Aran Example character.

Yonsei University Maple Story Club (hereinafter referred to as Yeonme-dong) was formed on March 30, 2018 under the motto of ‘Hyun Mail Chi’, which harmonizes between modern life and me life. Currently, 120 club members continue to exchange in and out of the game, sharing their experiences of playing Maple Story in their own way. As a meeting of Yonsei University students who enjoy Maple Story, we are aiming to lead the settlement of the right game culture that harmonizes the game and academics under the value of mutual respect and sound game use, and to cultivate a desirable community spirit.

Q. Yeonme-dong is celebrating its 4th anniversary. I am curious about the testimony.
a. This event is the 4th anniversary, but in fact, the event is the second. The Corona has been canceled for the second and third anniversary, and it will be held as the 4th anniversary immediately after the first anniversary. As I endured for three years, I decided to hold this event, and this year, I wanted to create an event that many people can enjoy as they received a lot of support from the first anniversary. Many people are very grateful for their interest in our event.

Maple Story celebrates its 19th anniversary this year. It would be nice to be able to continue its history for a long time like Maple Story.

Q. Is there a reason or goal for planning a large event?
a. Whenever I tell my friends that I am the chairman of Yeonme-dong, the reaction that comes back is’ What are you doing in Yeonme-dong? Catch the boss together? ‘ Maple Story was a game without a good cooperative content or a competitive content, so it was hard to tell what kind of club we are and what the club is doing with the name of the game alone.

Therefore, I decided to solidify the identity of the club, and I decided to proceed with the event because it was a means of holding both the goals and identity of the club mentioned above.

In addition, the general director said, I want to make a game that can be enjoyed with my family. I think this event, which is composed of a daily theme park, is the most appropriate factor in what you said. It would be nice to have many families enjoying the elements of Maple Story on-site and knowing the charm of Maple Story.

We hope that our event will be a little help to Maple’s goal.

Q. Is there any particular concern at this event?
a. I was most concerned about dichotolating the event so that I could fit the taste of many people.

The first part of the event was the most concerned about the fun of participating in the fun of seeing. During the last anniversary event, we planned to focus on the fun of seeing the majority as much as possible. However, there are many people who have left the reviews that they prefer to try themselves rather than seeing. We paid the most attention to the content circulation rate and the number of acceptable people, and we wanted to create an event that can be enjoyed by more people by adding booth content in addition to the existing main contents.

Part 2 concentrated on the performance. In the performance, we will hold a Maple Story Concert, which is made by college students by utilizing the characteristics of university clubs. The orchestra, band performances, and special guests’ celebration performances were designed to satisfy those who came to the scene as much as possible.

The event is divided so that we can enjoy the event according to our taste, and we will hold the event to suit the taste of many people as much as possible.

Q. What if there were some things that were proud or difficult during the event or preparation?
a. Nine Yeonme-dong Management and 27 people prepared for this event. Many people have been together, so there are many fresh and good opinions. I had a great pleasure in the process of executing the opinions and contents presented and determining whether it was fun or not fun.

On the other hand, there were many different opinions. There were many big and small issues, such as the sacrifice of the club’s characteristics for fun, and what is suitable for ‘us’ events. Many meetings were held overnight to resolve their opinions. Nevertheless, there seems to be a better event because of the process of expressing and coordinating their opinions.

Q. I’m curious about the future plan.
A. First of all, the internal plan is to continue the Mina dinner and online competitions that you have done so far to promote the socialist members’ fellowship. The external plan is to hold an offline event that many people can enjoy together to achieve the goal of the club mentioned above and to solidify the identity.

But this is only a hope, and if you face a monetary problem, the offline event becomes very opaque. I don’t think I will be able to be lucky to be supported by a good company like the Veristor I sponsored this time. Therefore, although it is not supported by the issue of equity, it is my goal to someday to open the event with Nexon’s recognition and official support.

Q. Thank you for holding a good event for Maple users. Finally, if you have something you want to say, please freely.
A. Maple Story users, such as the CORONA 19, as well as the refunds, are those who have overcome many hardships and adversity inside and outside the game. For this reason, we have worked more carefully and planned an event that can be satisfied with many people. I hope this event will be a little comforting for them. We look forward to your interest in Yeonme-dong. thank you!

More than 70% of those who enjoy Metaverse

Overseas media and PCs have revealed that many people who are enjoying “ Metaverse ” cannot explain what “metavers **” cannot be explained in a certain overseas survey. Gamer reports.

Overseas companies, Wanderman Thompson Intelligence, have conducted surveys on metaberas, crypto and NFT for more than 3,000 people from 16 to 65 years old in China, the United States and the United Kingdom. 74%of the subjects answered that they had heard about metavers, and many people thought they were “future” in the same percentage. However, only 15%of the people understood what the “meta spring” was and said that they could explain to someone.


Many people who answered that they could explain were considered a digital platform for social relationships, and cited privacy, data protection and cyber bullying as a main concern. If you expand it to those who can not explain, more than 50%of the surveyed persons are considered as places to do work, shopping, and play, and 60%will be an electronic trading place.

“Metavas” is a buzzword in the game industry, such as partially creating metabers communities in “Fort Knight” and Meta, a former Facebook, is promoting. Can readers explain what the metabers are?

The private meeting is 4 people → 6 … Extension of prefectural distance until 6th of next month

From the 17th to 6th of the next month, the current social distance will be extended for three weeks. The private meeting was relaxed with six nationwide, and the remaining measures are maintained as the present.

According to Corona 19 Central Disaster Safety Measures Headquarters (in the midst), private gatherings can be from 6 people, regardless of inoculation. They need essential care, such as family, children, elderly, disabilities, and others, as they are in the past. It is also recognized as a single use of the union of the restaurant and café.

The operating time is limited as present as the present with 9 pm or 10 pm. Groups restricted by 9 pm are groups and ▲, ▲ Restaurant, café ▲ song practice, including nightlife, The group restricted until 10 pm is ▲ (Multi-Multi-Room) ▲ Massage ▲ PC room ▲ ▲ Massage / Mass ▲ Party Room ▲ Cinema ▲ Cinema, etc.

A defense path is applied to 15 species of multiple utilities. However, depending on the decision of the court’s execution suspension, the school, the reading room, the study café will be adjusted separately depending on the execution of the execution stop and the procedure.

Applied facility ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ club ▲ night ▲ Hunting tracing ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ collect ▲ (coin) Practice ▲ Song (coin) Café ▲ Cinema ▲ Performance hall ▲ Multi-room ▲ PC room ▲ Sports game (indoor) ▲ (indoor) ▲ Museum ▲ Art Museum ▲ Science Museum ▲ Party Room ▲ Library ▲ Massage facilities ▲ Massage ▲ Department store · Large mart (3000㎡) and so on.


In addition, less than 50 events and rallies can be opened without distinction of insulators and records. In the case of more than 50 people, it is possible to construct only by inoculation finish and up to 299 people. More than 300 events are managed under existing relationships, but are not allowed in addition to essential events during the strengthening period.

Exceptions and Separate Program Applications If the event is more than 50, a defense path is applied. However, an exhibition, exhibition, exposition, and international conferencing related events, exhibitions, expositions, and international meetings.

Religious facilities are allowed to be up to 30% of accommodation, regardless of inoculation, up to 299 people. Only 70% can be accommodated when configured only with inoculation finish.

The disaster administration is a policy that regulates the diverse adjustment rate by remodeling the smoking of the Omit on as much as possible, while the most out of the production of Omit on. As a result, the distance is adjusted through three times in two to three weeks. If the Omicron Virus is in full swing, it is immediately switched to the high strength.

Outriders arrive by surprise the Xbox Game PXbox Games PXbox Games

Xbox Game PXbox Games for PC adds a new title by surprise. OutRiders will land on the computer subscription on October 19 . The members of Xbox Game PXbox Games Ultimate may also take advantage of their launch. After arriving from the first day in the console mode, the latest work of People Can Fly opens the doors for the most players to contest.

If you already played on Xbox Series X | S or Xbox One, You can take your progress to this version of Windows, and vice versa . Of course, the transfer can not be performed among other clients on the same platform (such Xbox Game Steam) or other systems (such Xbox Game PlayStation). Every otherwise to the cross-game system, enabled between all versions.

Got Added to Random Group Chat Today … pic.twitter.com/vkmvoamudz

  • Xbox Game PXbox Games for PC (@xboxgamepXbox Gamespc) October 18, 2021

OutRiders, A Looter Atypical Shooter

With those words we opened the conclusions of our analysis. In Meristation he obtained a rating of 7.5 over 10 . People Can Fly focuses on offering the player a title that starts from a campaign mode that is the center of the experience, and from there he builds all the elements that orbit around him, said. The virtues of the project are clear: direct and fun action for lovers of the old school shooters, those who impede you in a constant challenge without being able to releXbox Gamee the trigger s finger.

But not everything shone in the same way . He stays on the way at the time of treating the Looter subgenry lover, the one who seeks to find another diverse and attractive title once it reaches the final phXbox Gamee. He even reaches the experimentation, with positive decisions (manufacture, builds, challenge) and negative (too focused on the narrative, structure failures, variety in the postgame) . You can read the full text on this link.

Remember that OutRiders is available at PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

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