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Pokemon Go has actually simply shed what it was doing so well

If you begin with Pokémon Go, you simply have a lot to do and also, most of all, find. It is worth heading out and looking. With time it sadly decreases-and the game barely takes care of to shock you.

Also though I missed Pogo’s really huge very early days, the game can catch me. Since it was just a lot of fun relocating front of the door and being amazed. Since there was constantly something amazing that you could browse.

I was happy regarding every monster due to the fact that it was either new or brought me closer to the following growth. Only after weeks I fulfilled Relaxo for the very first time as well as needed forever to catch it.

Pokémon Go is a special game that brings together gamers in its finest minutes as well as ensures great experiences in the real life. The initial magic of the game has evaporated-and comes back very, very rarely, believes Meinmmo author Max Handwerk.

To date, I am a little bit unfortunate that I missed this hype at the time-because my obsolete smart device was really unable to play this game. It only began for me in February 2018.

When Pokémon GO appeared, it managed to do something that succeeds just a few computer game: it additionally established the headlines outside the gaming world.

All possible individuals had a viewpoint on the huge pattern that walked around the world in summertime 2016. To the big groups of coaches that occupied and also started parks from trams from trams. Because a Dragoran had actually shown up on some corner, to all the individuals who ran all over the area.

Pokémon Go was a lot more or less universal for a couple of weeks.

none of the various other attributes is as excellent as new monsters

There is no extra originator mode in Pokémon Go, so to talk, but only targeted looking, capturing, improving. Which’s type of an embarassment.

And I do not want to refute the game at all that it will be satisfied when you find something like that. The exact same uses to spectacular beasts.

exactly how do you see it? Is the collection element in Pokémon Go so crucial for you-or is everything not a trouble for you? Are you enough for the various other features in the game, do you discover there are still adequate to uncover? Inform us in the comments!

However Pokémon Go appears to work so today. Instead, there are generally just a couple of brand-new beasts at occasions or unique Pokémon, which you can then look for in Raids. The hunt for such monsters then-mostly-quickly done once again.

Certainly, Pokémon GO also has a great deal of various other features that I can win something off. Raids, PvP League, Team Go Rocket, Level-A whole lot has actually taken place because the release and also that’s all nice. It is not the core of the game.

** It is challenging to confess that. It would certainly be conceivable to simply throw a whole generation of brand-new monsters right into the game in one dropped swoop. Or at the very least once more 20 to 40 beasts.


You could then hide them in various places as opposed to connected to temporal elements such as events. So it deserves recalling in the woodland or at the lake as opposed to waiting on the following event and after that accumulating the special spawn. Currently it feels more like discovering the exact same all over.

First off: I am totally conscious that we currently have in 2022 as well as that the game is six years old-and that I have been there for 4 years. This is an extremely lengthy time compared to other video games and most likely an art whatsoever that it keeps you on the ball for so long.

That you tip outside the door and also be surprised-basically Pokémon Go can do that really, extremely hardly ever. Rather, you go out, capture even more of the exact same and also ultimately ask what.

While I made use of to head out motivated each time to discover something brand-new, Pokémon Go actually just brings even more of the old. I don’t know the amount of staralili I have actually currently seen and captured. In any instance, it is sufficient.

For me, Pokémon Go was primarily unique due to the fact that it is a collective game that invites you to uncover. It would be possible to simply toss an entire generation of new beasts right into the game in one fell swoop.

** Pokémon Go is an unique game that brings with each other players in its finest minutes and also ensures great experiences in the genuine globe. The initial magic of the game has evaporated-and comes back really, really rarely, thinks Meinmmo author Max Handwerk. With time it unfortunately decreases-and the game barely takes care of to stun you.

For me, Pokémon Go was mainly unique because it is a cumulative game that welcomes you to find. The only problem with gathering games is that they will end up being a scarf eventually if you have much more or much less whatever. Therefore Pokémon Go currently looks like me: like a Panini sticker album that is 99 % full. And at some time I wouldn’t buy sticker labels.

** There are no more beast generations in one fell swoop that could be searched in the wild. Rather, there are one or 2 new monsters to occasions, which you then captured right after 20 mins.

At the very same time, Pokémon Go as an online service game, which constantly brings new material, is not a game that has the aim of being played through. Nonetheless, it now feels specifically such as this for me: played through.

At the same time, it is additionally clear that Niantic can not merely publish all type of monsters in one dropped swoop. Since: What do you bring into the game afterwards, besides brand-new versions of the old?

Dragon Pokemon – a table of weakness and strength

Pokémon franchise is known for its mechanics of battles and a set of text. There are many types of Pokemon with strong and weaknesses, which should be remembered, fighting with the enemy. One of the most infamous types that you might encounter is the type of dragon. Dragon Pokemon are often one of the most powerful Pokemon in each game, and this is probably true in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

The weak and strengths of the Pokemon of the Dragon type

Players can use the following tables to find out how best to use or attack dragon-type Pokemon in battle.

table of dragon-type attacks

Dragon-type Pokemon are not very effective when using them against many other types, but they compensate for this with extremely powerful attacking movements.

The use of the attacking movements of the dragon type is very effective against other dragon Pokemon, but you should avoid them against steel and fabulous Pokemon.

Dragon type protection scheme

There are not many types of movements that are good against the dragon type of dragon type, which makes these powerful attacking even more difficult. You want to avoid use

Poemons players who want to fight with dragemons of the Dragon type will be best with Fairy-type Pokemon in their hand. This will give them an advantage, since the Fairy movements are not only super-effective against the dragon type of dragon type, the movement of the dragon type of type Pokemon will not have any effect against them.

You are interested in information about Pokemon and want to know more? Find out how to get free costumes and licenses in Pokemon Unite in Pro Game Guides!

Pokemon Go Mega Blastoise Raid Guide: Best counter & weaknesses

If you challenge yourself to a first-class RAID fight and hopefully want to get a great news in your hands Pokémon for your team in Pokémon Go , you will not continue to look for mega-blastoise . Secure a place on our list Best attacker and movetets List with this you will find a very capable and powerful Pokémon in your hands.

However, if you want to add you to your team, you have to make sure that you are willing to bring you down. Here we come into play because we will give you some tips and tricks, who you should put together with your team to make sure you can counter this tube turtle, defeat and capture and then catch you!

Best RAID tactics for Mega Blastoise in Pokemon Go

Mega-Blastoise is not only one of the coolest mega evolution, but also one of the most powerful. Since this Pokémon is a straight-up water type you have to make sure that your team can take advantage of its weaknesses.

mega blastoise: strengths and weaknesses

Strong against it – only 63 % damage

BEST Counters For NEW Mega Raids! Beat Mega Venusaur, Blastoise & Charizard FAST! Pokémon GO

  • Stole
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Ice

weak against – 160 % damage

  • Grass
  • Electrical

Since it only has two main weaknesses, you should find a Pokémon that can take advantage of this. Find Pokemon that offer grass or electrical attacks will help to make this robbery into a child’s play. If you want to bring this megast strong Pokémon down, you should make sure that you have a team that has some of them Pokémon on it:

Thundurus (Therian form) *
* Fast attack – thunderbill or volt change
* Charged attack – Thunderbolt
zekrom *
* Fast attack – charging beam
* Charged attack – wild attack

deoxys (attack) *
* Fast attack-Zen headstore
* Charged attack-ZAP cannon
Shadow Raikou
* Fast attack – thunderbill
* Charged attack – wild attack
mega venusaurier
* Fast attack – Vine Whip
* Charged attack-frenzy plant
Zarude *
* Fast attack – Vine Whip
* Charged attack – Power Whip
* Fast attack – Razor Leaf
* Charged attack – grass node
* Fast attack – Bullet seed
* Charged attack-frenzy plant
* electrical
* Fast attack – thunderbill
* Invited train – wild attack

If you bring one of these Pokémon to this raid, the victory should be sure as long as you are prepared for a long and difficult fight. We strongly recommend that you bring some friends with you because it can be a hard fight to win, but if you follow us, you can be successful!

Pokémon Go is now available on mobile devices.

Attack of the fanboy / player / Pokemon Go Mega Blastoise Raid Guide: Best counter & weaknesses

Pokemon Sword / Shield: Limited time mystery gift, a strategic hydrator to recover for free!

On the occasion of the European Championships of Europe 2022 which will be held this weekend in Germany, Game Freak regional everyone and distributes a strategic pokémon to everyone via mystery gift. Attention, the offer is very limited in time!


While waiting for the release of scarlet / purple Pokémon on Nintendo Switch, the adept players of small pocket monsters will be entitled to a little surprise to get under the tooth. Indeed, On the occasion of the International Championships of Europe 2022 This weekend, the developers announced a distribution via very limited mystery gift overlooking overlooking sword / shield .

From today and until Monday, April 25, you can recover a hydragon by connecting to the game . A direct tribute to Marco Silva , winner of the 2020 DESS Oceania Championships, since it returns directly the characteristics of his own hydragon used for this occasion . It is therefore rigid in nature and has prognathe talent, in addition to the Branchicrok, Ewing, Machog and Draco-load capabilities. By recovering this Pokémon, you can also discover that it is level 50 and holds a choosing tissue. For the most strategic of you, know that its IVs are set at 31 everywhere and are distributed as follows: 252 in attack and default. SPÉ, 0 for other stats **.

How to recover this strategic hydrator

To be able to add this Pokémon to your team, nothing more simple:

  • Connect your Nintendo Switch console to Internet
  • Launch your game Pokémon sword / shield
  • Open the main menu with the X button

*LIMITED TIME* New Mystery Gift out NOW in Pokemon Sword Shield! Code: EU1C2022G1FT
* Select “Mystery Gift” and then enter the code “EU1C2022G1FT”
* The gift is transferred to your game, the Pokemon will appear in your team or your Pokémon box
* Remember that this code is only valid until
Monday, April 25, 2022. **

Summary of the Pokémon Soluce Sword / Shield

__Comder Pokémon Sword / Shield



34.99 €

All offers


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Pokemon Go: Defeat Deoxys (normal form) – the 20 ideal counterattacks in the RAID

The most effective counterattack versus Deoxys (normal form) Inpokémon Go in the overview. We reveal you the most effective movesets and also enemies. This permits you to defeat Deoxys with its normal form in Raids.

Here we show you the finest counterattack versus deoxys normal form and also versus which types it is weak (kind effectiveness).

What is deoxys for a Pokémon? Deoxys is a mystical Pokémon as well as comes from the 3rd game generation of Pokémon. It comes from the kind of psycho as well as has different forms that can find and also capture her at different times in the video game.

Deoxys (normal) loss in the RAID – with these counterparts

  1. Huge Gengar with dark claw and also spikball
  2. Mega Dog Moon with Stand Pad and Schmarotzer
  3. Crypto Despotar with bite as well as crisis
  4. Darkrai with Standpauke and also Finsteraura
  5. Mega-absolutely with stewer and also Finsteraura
  6. Mega-Garados with bite and also crunch
  7. Giratina (original kind) with dark claw and also spikball
  8. Crypto Snibunna with Standpauke and also Schmarotzer
  9. Skelabra with worry as well as spikball
  10. Crypto Mewtu with psychoblings as well as spikball
  11. Hoopa (released) with amazing as well as finstera
  12. Hoopa with fantastic and also spikball
  13. Trikephalo with Bite and also Finsteraura
  14. Crypto Sherox with temper blade and also cruise shears
  15. Crypto Traunmagil with burden and spikball
  16. Crypto DogMon with Standpauke as well as Schmarotzer
  17. YVELTAL with Standpauke and also Finsteraura
  18. despotar with bite and crisis
  19. Crypto absolutely with standpaw and finstera
  20. Mewtu with psychobling and spikball

Weaknesses of Deoxys: The Pokémon becomes part of the Psycho type and also has weaknesses versus beetle, mind and inappropriately. In RAIDs, particularly on assaults and also Pokémon these kinds, to defeat Deoxys.

The number of trains do you need? If you have the top counter-Pokémon and also currently reached a rather high level (40+) in Pokémon Go, you can defeat Deoxys in the normal form for two. With reduced degrees, but strong counterattacks, you need to place on more trains.

????OVER 100 Attack Deoxys Raids Defeated! World Record Solo!????(Pokémon GO)

There are Shiny Deoxys? Yes, you can likewise catch Shiny Deoxys in its normal form as Shiny.

The finest counterattack against Deoxys (normal form) Inpokémon Go in the guide. What is deoxys for a Pokémon? Deoxys is a mysterious Pokémon as well as comes from the third game generation of Pokémon. Exactly how many trainers do you need? ** If you have the leading counter-Pokémon and currently reached a rather high level (40+) in Pokémon Go, you can defeat Deoxys in the normal form for two.

Marcacrin – Legends Pokemon Arceus

Marcacrin is an ice-type Pokémon and ground appeared during the second generation, and available in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.


Useful information

Pokedex tasks




Location in Hisui

List of Marcacrin attacks in Legends Pokémon Arceus

Useful links

Useful information

Pokedex tasks

The fat tasks count double for the search level


Lev 33

Antique power


Weaknesses and resistances

| | | | | | | |
2 | 2 | 1 | 2 | 0 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 1
| | | | | | | |
1 | 2 | ½ | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1



Statistics | Lev 50 | NIV 100
PV | 50 |

| 110 – 157 | 210 – 304
Att | 50 |

| 49 – 112 | 94 – 218
Def | 40 |

| 40 – 101 | 76 – 196

Every Rare Pokemon in Coronet Highlands - Pokemon Legends Arceus
ATTSPE | 30 |

| 31 – 90 | 58 – 174
Defspé | 30 |

| 31 – 90 | 58 – 174
Vit | 50 |

| 49 – 112 | 94 – 218
Total | 250
The mini stats are calculated with EV and IV to 0, and a penalty of nature, if possible.
Max stats are calculated with EV at 255, IV to 31, and a bonus of nature, if possible.

Location in Hisui


List of Marcacrin attacks in Legends Pokémon Arceus

To come up

Useful links

  • Previous marcacrin cards
    • Sparkling diamond – glittering pearl
    • Sword – Shield
  • How to play Marcacrin (English form)

[Store exploration] The “Pokemon Arsus” came back before the dishes

After the “ongoing” incident of the camp, the Gamer’s gaze was focused on February 2022 after the “Increase” incident, which was the issue of the school. He would also be a popular title since last October since last October. The researchers were the future that came to the future than the current situation.

Nintendo Jin, of course, of course, “Pokemon Legend Arsusus”. The interest of the reservation sales steps was sufficient to show that the pouring pouring is ‘still powerful Pokemon IP’. The existing workings were steadily sell, and they were auxiliary roles, and at least until January, it seemed to be an extension line of Nintendo Jeon Yeon-jae.

Nintendo in January = Arsusus

As mentioned earlier, the January of Nintendo Lim Yield was very high in expectations for ‘Pokemon Legend Arsusu (Arsusuus)’. The contents that I was gathering in all stores I visited this day, was that I felt the power of Pokemon IP again due to demand for expectations. The popularity of the fourth generation remake of ‘Brilliant Diamond’ and ‘Shining Pearl’ seems to have not visited that it could not reveal that Sagradi was not able to watch the sagad.

Unfortunately, I could not carry a hot selling scene, but I was enough to feel the high popularity of Arsusus. It was only aware that it would be often the case that it would be a mistake in a graphic that seems unstable somewhere. Some of the store officials said, ‘I expected a lot of popularity, but I expected that it would be popular, but I am embarrassed in high demand than previous works.

They also showed them to purchase the device. But it was not more than I thought. This is a Corona 19 Omiton variant, which is a situation that a daily confirmed situation is a situation that is 15,000 people. Demand for switching devices for gifts is fine, and products that bundle existing models and ‘Mario Cart 8 Deluxe’ are 9,800 won as compared with the device separately, or for a gift, or a caustic cost.

The PS was dandin was to achieve propulsion

The PS store in January showed a one-sided figure as it was thought. The ‘Rainbow Six Extraction’, which was considered to be a title that is a title, and a pie was released as a PC and Xbox platform. ‘Iron Harvest 1920+’ also has only been found for the core user.

EVERYTHING you NEED TO KNOW BEFORE you Start Pokemon Legends Arceus!

In the case of untids, gamers with existing titles are subject to new user layers, but for new user layers, but for how they are able to upgrade, there are all of the workers’ store officials, but they need to wait “I have a comment. At the time of the visit, I will not have a gamer who asked for the work, so I will have some demand, but it will not be explosive.

It is not a situation that only one month of January, but it was not a situation that was laughing, but if the long way, the launch of the pretend to take a long darkness was close and the PS camp showed that the PS camp showed a lively. This is because it is interested in ‘Eldon Ring’ and ‘Daing Lite 2 Stay Human’, and ‘Horizon Forbidden West’, and the reservation application continues. A PS Shop official located in Yongsan said, ‘I do not come out for a long time, “I feel like I have been full of desire for new work.

On the other hand, ‘It Take Take’ is still a popularity and played a role in the PS camp. There is a few collaborative games, but because it shakes many of them based on excellent games. Bulgwangdong Joey Camp officials said, ‘The title itself is popular, but it seems that the PS visit was overlapped, and it seems that they have been found to have been found to have been found. In the second half of last year, ‘Lost Jersey: I can see the following that I have been in the back of the appropriate camp.

February, big

Only the title of the January showed that the appearance of both camps seemed to be prepared, but the expectations have reversed the atmosphere in earnest. In addition to the atmosphere that starts lively, it seems that the cypress, which was crouching, and the crouching was the crouching.

In February, the praise of PS signing titles is expected. As an overall opinion, Eldon Ring is the most dominant, but other works are also a masterpiece that is not followed. As you wrote in a hurry, it is noteworthy that the next February will be a turning point of the PS camp because of a lot of gamers that expect the title due to a subsequent expecting ahead of the achievement.

Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to sneak and catch Pokemon easily

Pokemon Legends Arceus changes a bit the usual rate of the series by compelling players to catch different Pokémon several times to complete the research tasks. As a result, you will want to know how to catch Pokémon easily, and the best way we have found to do it is closer and receive a hit hit. Here is How to sneak into Pokemon Legends Arceus to help you in your capture efforts.

Stroke in Pokémon Legends Arceus

To sneak you, just press button B. This will force your character to bend, and in that position it will move a little slower, but the Pokémon will not detect you so easily.

We also recommend using close grass nearby when you try to stealthily approach Pokémon, as this makes it even harder for them to detect you.

Ideally, you will want to stealthily approach a Pokémon approaching him. Not as close as to push him down his back, but close enough to throw a pokébola and catch him. While you can throw a pokébola from behind, it is almost certain that you will be traveled, as it will count as something called blow in the back.

We must bear in mind that this is the best way to catch Pokémon easily in Pokémon Legends Arceus. When running head towards a Pokémon, it will be alerted and can begin to attack you or your Pokémon, which will cause a real battle. This can take time, especially if you are just trying to catch a weaker ‘Mon’, so always try the stealth approach every time you have the opportunity.

How To Catch Alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

That’s all you need to know about How to sneak into Pokemon Legends Arceus . With your new stealth skills, you should be able to catch Pokémon easily. To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our wiki or see more of our coverage about the game below.

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Space Time

In our Guide to the room-time distortion in Pokémon legends: Arceus Leaders:

  • What exactly space-time distortions are
  • Where your room time distorts finds
  • Which Pokémon and Items can find you there

Extend now as a subscription at Nintendo Switch online!

What is a room-time distortion in Pokémon legends: Arceus?

Space time distortions are Special events in Pokémon legends: Arceus, which can happen by chance, as soon as your member rank 2 has reached the galactic expedition and red marshland. You can take place in all regions – except in Jubeldorf -.

A space-time distortion will be marked on the map and you recognize it in the game world from afar at the dome in rainbow colors . Within the dome, depending on the region, you will meet exclusive Pokémon, which you can only catch in space-time distortion. In addition, you will find all kinds of useful items there.

As soon as a room time distort is imminent, you will be notified. You then have a few minutes to prepare for you. It is best empty your inventory so you can collect all its items and grabs enough poké balls to catch the rare and exclusive Pokémon in space-time distortion . In addition, ensures that your Pokémon have full lives and have enough healing drinks.

Which Pokémon do I find only in space-time distortion?

Some Pokémon can only be found in room-time distortions. They differ depending on the area where the space-time distortion takes place. In the following, we list you All exclusive Pokémon according to the different areas divided.

Tip : The developments of Evoli – Feelinara, Nachtara and Co. – you can also get by passing and developing your Evoli.

Obsidian Grassland

  • Feelinara
  • Gengar
  • Sniebel
  • Snibunna

Red marshland

  • Nachtara
  • Flamara
  • Prygon
  • Prygon2
  • Porygon-Z
  • Fiery (only appears if you have finished the story)
  • Igelavar (only appears if you have finished the story)
  • Hisui-Tornupo (only appears when you finished the story)

Cobalt coastal land

  • Magnetilo
  • Magneton
  • Aquana
  • Flamara

Craterberg highlands

  • Magbrant
  • Blitza
  • Feelinara
  • Koknodon
  • Rameidon
  • Schilterus
  • Bollterus
  • Bauz (only appears when you finished the story)
  • Arboretoss (only appears when you finished the story)
  • Hisui-Silvarro (only appears when you finished the story)

White frostland

  • Scherox
  • Glaciola
  • Psiana
  • Ottaro (only appears when you finished the story)
  • Zwauttronin (only appears if you have finished the story)
  • Hisui-Admurai (only appears when you finished the story)

Which items do I find in space-time distortion?

In addition to the Pokémon you will find many rare items in the room-time distortion. However, these do not differ according to the areas. You can find the following items theoretically, they appear random.

Item To use
Leaf stone Evoli develops to Folipurba and Hisui-Voltobal to Hisui-Lectral.
Donnerstein Devoli develops to Straßa and Pikachu to Raichu.
Dallestum Develops for twirring fountain.
Feuerstein Evoli develops to Flamara, Vulpix to Vulnona and Hisui-Fukano to Hisui-Arkani.
Finsterstein Developed Kramurx to Kramshef and Traunfugil to TraunMagil.
Funkelstein Develops Kirlia (male) to Galagladi and Kirlia (female) to Frosdedje.

Green piece | Can be used for crafting a starry.
Indigo piece | Can be used for crafting a starry.
Light stone | Develop Roselia to Roserade and Togetic to Togekiss.
Magmaiser | Develop Magmar to Magbrant.
Metal coat | Develops Onix to Stahlos and Lichlor to Scherox.
Moonstone | Develops beepi to Pixi.
Nugget | Can be sold for 10,000 pokédollars.
Purple | Can be used for crafting a starry.
Sharpenklaue | Develops Hisui-Sniebel to Sniebs.
Sharpening | Develop Skorgla to Skorgro.
Protector | Developed Rizeros to Rihornior.
Schwarzaugit | Develop Licher to Axantor.
Sunstone | Developed Lilminip to Hisui-Dressella.
Star dust | Can be used for crafting a starry.
Starry | Can be sold for 5,000 pokédollars.
Electricizer | Developed elektk to Elevoltek.
Peat Block | Develops Urs Aring to Ursaluna.
Connection cord | Developed Kadabra to Simsala, Machock to Machomei, Georok to Geowaz and Alpollo to Gengar.
Waterstone | Devoli develops to Aquana.

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus - Space-Time Distortion Event Gameplay
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Outoorapor ottincelant bearing diamond poker 398

ETOURAPTOR is a normal type Pokémon / Flight appeared during the fourth generation and available in sparkling diamond versions and glittering pearl.

Summary: Information | Evolutions | Talents | Statistics | Weaknesses | Appearance | Locations | Attacks | Useful links

| National | 398

GALA | –


| | | Sta raptor

| Mohawk


National | 398
GALA | —
| | Sta raptor

| | Mohawk

| Genre | Category | Capture rate

Male: 50%
Female: 50% | Pokémon RAPACE | 45 (Medium)
Size | Weight | Basic happiness
1,2 m | 24.9 kg | 70
egg group | hatching | EV given
Air | 3840 not | 3 ATT. |

| Male: 50% | Female: 50%

Pokémon RAPACE
Capture rate
45 (Medium)
1,2 m
24.9 kg
Basic happiness
egg group
| Air

3840 not
EV given
3 ATT.

evolutions | Tour | →
NV 14 | eToro | →

| Intimidation | Decreases from a level the attack of the opposing Pokémon.

Return | Increases the power of attacks by 20% of recoil damage.


Level 14

NIV 34
Decreases from a level the attack of the opposing Pokémon.
Increases the power of attacks by 20% of recoil damage.



Statistics | LEV 50 | NIV 100
PV | 85 |

| 145 – 192 | 280 – 374
ATT | 120 |

Diamond turning an air bearing shaft

| 112 – 189 | 220 – 372
Def | 70 |

| 67 – 134 | 130 – 262
ATT SPE | 50 |

| 49 – 112 | 94 – 218
Defeated | 50 |

| 49 – 112 | 94 – 218
It | 100 |

| 94 – 167 | 184 – 328
Total | 475
The mini stats are calculated with EV and IV to 0, and a penalty of nature, if possible.
Max stats are calculated with EV at 255, IV to 31, and a bonus of nature, if possible.


Weaknesses and resistances

| | | | | | | |
1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 1 | 2 | ½
| | | | | | | |
1 | ½ | 1 | 1 | 2 | 0 | 0 | 1 | 1

Appearance of feed tor

Normal | Chromatic


Starter location in sparkling diamond and scintillating pearl


Evolve ever vol

List of feedstock attacks in sparkling diamond and sparkling pearl

attacks obtained by level

level | Name | Type | Cat. | then. | PRE | pp

0 | Close fight | | | 120 | 100% | 5
Decreases the defense and the special defense of a level.
1 | Close fight | | | 120 | 100% | 5
Decreases the defense and the special defense of a level.
1 | Charge | | | 40 | 100% | 35
No extra effect.
1 | Rigging | | | — | 100% | 40
Decreases the attack of all adjacent adverse Pokémon of a level.
1 | Vive-attack | | | 40 | 100% | 30
No extra effect. Priority: +1.
1 | Cruising | | | 60 | 100% | 35
No extra effect.
5 | Vive-attack | | | 40 | 100% | 30
No extra effect. Priority: +1.
9 | Cruising | | | 60 | 100% | 35
No extra effect.
13 | Reflection | | | — | — | 15
Increases the dodger of a level.
18 | Effort | | | — | 100% | 5
If the current PVS of the target are higher than those of the launcher, decreases them until they are identical.
23 | Cyclone | | | — | — | 20
Force the change of the target or ends the fight against a wild Pokémon. Priority: -6.
28 | Aircraft | | | 60 | — | 20
Touch the target regardless of the precision calculation.
33 | Aries | | | 90 | 85% | 20
Undergoing recoil damage equivalent to 25% of the damage inflicted on the target.
41 | Hurry | | | — | — | 30
Increases the speed of two levels.
49 | RAPACE | | | 120 | 100% | 15
Undergoes recoil damage equivalent to 1/3 of the damage inflicted on the target.
57 | All or nothing | | | — | 100% | 5
The launcher is off-bat. Inflicts on the target of the damage equivalent to the number of PVS that the launcher had before this attack.

attacks obtained by CT

N° | Name | Type | Cat. | then. | PRE | pp

10 | RELATION | | | — | — | 30
Increases the attack and special attack of a level.
11 | Zenith | | | — | — | 5
Triggers the sun climate.
15 | Ultralaser | | | 150 | 90% | 5
The launcher can not make any attack the next round.
17 | Shelter | | | — | — | 10
Protects with any attack during a tour. The accuracy is divided by 3 to each consecutive use. Priority: +4.
18 | Rain dance | | | — | — | 5
Triggers the rain climate.
32 | Reflection | | | — | — | 15
Increases the dodger of a level.
40 | Aircraft | | | 60 | — | 20
Touch the target regardless of the precision calculation.
42 | Facade | | | 70 | 100% | 20
Double the power of the attack if the launcher is poisoned, burned or paralyzed.
44 | Rest | | | — | — | 10
The launcher regenerates his PV maximum and falls asleep for the next 2 tours.
45 | Attraction | | | — | 100% | 15
The target becomes charmed if it is sex opposite that of the launcher.
46 | Larsen | | | 60 | 100% | 25
If the launcher does not hold an object, flies the object held by the target.
47 | Steel wing | | | 70 | 90% | 25
10% chance to increase the defense of a level.
51 | Landing | | | — | — | 10
Regenerates 50% of PVS max. The launcher loses his type Flight during the turn of use.
58 | Tenacity | | | — | — | 10
Until the end of the turn, keeps 1 PV at the thrower after an attack that should have put it out of bat. Priority: +4.
68 | Gig Impact | | | 150 | 90% | 5
The launcher can not make any attack the next round.
82 | Blab la Dodo | | | — | — | 10
Can only be used assorted. Uses a random attack among the launchers list of attacks.
87 | Bastardize | | | — | 85% | 15
Makes the confused target and increases its attack on two levels.
88 | Pi core | | | 60 | 100% | 20
Consumes the bay held by the target and gains the effects.
89 | Turnaround | | | 70 | 100% | 20
The launcher changes his place with a Pokémon of the team after the application of the damage
90 | Cloning | | | — | — | 10
Removes 25% of the launchers PVS and creates a clone with the number of PVS used. The clone is immunized against status attacks and cash damage attacks instead of the launcher.
94 | Flight | | | 90 | 95% | 15
Enters a state of semi-invulnerability in flight during a turn and attack at the next.
97 | Anti-mist | | | — | — | 15
Decreases the dodger of the target of a level. Dispels the entry hazards and the walls of protection.

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