Electronic Arts (hereinafter referred to as EA) announced the contents of update patch Update 3.2 for BATTLEFIELD 2042 on January 20. It is scheduled to be delivered on January 20, January 20th at 17:00 today. In addition, the next month implementation of the scoreboard system and the change of experience value system of portal mode are also revealed.

Battlefield 2042 is the latest work of multiplayer FPS Battlefield series. Is. Maximum 128 people (PS4 / Xbox One is up to 64 people) feature large-scale matches. The new year’s first update is focused on correction of the defect. In addition, performance adjustment of automotive weapons seems to be implemented. The contents are introduced below.

First, various defects in the game behavior are corrected. As for the specialist Sandals, after landing in a wing suit, some hit boxes will be disabled and the problem that the bullet will not hit. Besides, rubber banding (behavior that is pulled by rubber) during the back of the ally, and abnormal behavior that occurs when grasping to Hashing is corrected. Moreover, corrections for improving the overall stability of the game, and the AMD Radon VII graphic board specific crashes have been modified.

Subsequently, on the balance adjustment surface, the lens reflection of the sniper gun and the laser projector Solar can be seen from a more distance. And about the M1A5 / T28 tank, the vehicle weapon canister has improved his Weapon pod performance. Specifically, the spread of the bullet was 1.6 to 1.1, and the damage attenuation distance extended to 35 to 40. It will be effective for more infantry and the like. Besides, please refer to the official patch note for detailed updates.

Also, with this update, change in portal mode experience value system changes. Portal mode is a mode where custom games called Experience, such as user production. First, it is said that experience value limitations per minute through the same mode are alleviated to 300. And there is also a change with the progress of the Alternate / Weekly Mission in Portal Mode. Formally featured attention playlists, full experience and weekly missions can be completed. However, in other experiences, it is necessary to limit various progress by the function you are using. Generally, we can see the aim of suppressing so-called earning servers and the like that can efficiently obtain experience points and so on.

And it is also revealed for the functions scheduled to be implemented in a future update at almost the same timing as the patch note presentation. In Update 3.3 scheduled to be distributed from mid-February to late, new style scoreboards are implemented. There were many requests from players in a mechanism to simply display the number of kills and the number of assists. A homogeneity official Twitter account has also published a scoreboard UI currently being produced.

For voice chat functions that the implementation after release has been earned, the implementation time is not yet determined. The same applies to matching the Main mode All-out Warfare. It seems that the performance of the entire game will continue to work on optimization.

Update patch Update 3.2 for Battlefield 2042 is scheduled to be delivered at 17:00 on January 20th. I also want to expect subsequent updates.