On August 3, Dead By Daylight developer, Behavior Interactive, announced Meet Your Maker, a post-epocalyptic shooting game with a great emphasis on the content created by the players in the way of building their own advanced positions and assaulting the positions of others. With such an intriguing concept, many players want to know How you can register in the first closed game test of the game . Next, you will find a simple tutorial that explains how to do it.

How to register in the closed game test Meet Your Maker

The first absolute step to participate in the Meet Your Maker game test is to go to the official game website and click on the button that says Register for the game test next to the Steam logo. From there, you will be asked to log in to your behavior account or that you believe one.

Once you have logged in your behavior account, click on the test button will take it to another page that requires clicking on a red button that says registering in the closed game test. From there, you will be asked to answer questions related to your personal game preferences and general information for the selection process.

There are several questions to solve, but should not take more than five minutes to reach the end. Once you are over, you will accept the terms and conditions and then the process will be completed. If you see the next screen, you will know that you are registered.

And that is all you need to know about Registering in the closed Meet Your Maker game test. Although Meet Your Maker is currently scheduled for its launch in 2023, the first closed game test begins on August 23, 2022 and will last several weeks.


You can find more detailed information about Meet Your Maker in the advanced positions coverage of the ad, and if you have not heard the latest about the work of Behavior Interactive in Dead By Daylight, you can get more information about the next resident Evil Project W DLC.

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