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Take the first glance of Evil Dead Rise

Today is officially Halloween, so the celebrations are everywhere, either in video games with special events, and of course, the movies were going to be out of list. For that reason, Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema They have decided to release the first look at Evil Dead Rise , Zombies franchise that had already announced his return.

This delivery comes after Ash. The Evil Dead, television series that brought to Bruce Campbell back to the franchise, and received green light after failed attempts to make a sequel that would have joined the Stories of Army of Darkness of 1992 and the remake of 2013 . Here you can see the first look at the Dead ite monster that will appear on the tape.

This is what the film’s producer mentioned, Sam Rail , regarding the choice of the director for the product, Lee Cronin :

He had always liked Evil Dead, and I loved The Hole in the Ground. And they brought that image to the executives with whom I worked and showed it to me and thought, this is really a great director. And we met and talked and said he really liked The Evil Dead. And I said, then, why don’t you do the new one? I think you are the type of person I would like to do. He said, great. Let’s go. We made a script and gave him notes, and he made some changes and then raised money for the movie and went to New Zealand to film her with my partner, Rob Taper. Now Bruce Campbell is working with him in sound postproduction.

For now, it is only said that Evil Dead Rise premieres in 2023 .

Via: Comic book

Editor’s note : This franchise has always been very interesting, especially to see these October dates. So, it will be interesting to see her back in the following year in the movie theaters.

[Daikiri] Announcement of screening results for Games and reasons that cats are good at!

Weekend Limited Easy Planning GAMESpark Girl, the 631st screening announcement. The theme this time was Games that cats are good at and their reasons *, but thank you for many answers. As a result of the evaluation of everyone’s evaluation and the person in charge of the person in charge, and the person in charge, the answer received from everyone was selected as the best answer.

__ Friend of Spa

If you give two vertical sticks to the cat, you become a god
In other words, cats are good at Tetris

Reconcile with cats

__ Friend of Spa

Flight shooting

Because I’m good at dogfight

Why are you good at dogfight! ?

__ Friend of Spa

Regardless of the type of game, the remaining machine is 9

Cats have a Kyran, so they don’t decrease.

__ Friend of Spa

Cats that attract and capture people are playing games that control humans around the world.

I’m already clear

__ Friend of Spa

Ten ho’s Sauna Him
I’m good at rice planting because I write it as a seedling in Kimono

A stoop suitable for rice planting

__ Friend of Spa

Miku is good at wolf games. I will not tell you why.

Some say that Miku is a horror blowing

__ Friend of Spa

Good at horror games that become cap


__ Friend of Spa

Good at Ace Combat. Even if it is shot down, it can rotate in the air and land.

Shooter down

__ Friend of Spa

Air reading.
Even if you don’t read the air, the surroundings will match

It is already Read the air. ], And for the surroundings, I’m ready to read the air. ]

__ Friend of Spa

Humans cannot attack cats, so one-side game of cat

One side game even though it is a cat

__ Friend of Spa

One-on-one battle game
I’m a cat duel

Only language

__ Friend of Spa

One that can’t be a cat

This is a fake work by dogs

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Burger SV: Tim Walter enters into the wedding anniversary video game without anxiety

We need to attempt to be also better in our game, to be also more regular in what we do.

Tim Walter

Walter’s project to fine-tune the abilities obtained in 2014 in his 2nd season has actually currently worked perfectly in the work against the ball in this young season. Only 3 goals are a powerful statement for passionate as well as consistent defensive work. Despite only nine goals racked up, he does disappoint himself truly dissatisfied with the offending job, however puts his finger in the injury: There is no lack of chances, even more of the repercussion.

In the last duel, in contrast to the actual philosophy, holstein had actually positioned itself very deeply, and Walter says: There are two ways to have chances against us: press high or stand extremely deep. He knows that he does not expose any kind of information with it, however still stays entirely encouraged of his design and also reveals: We have to try to be also much better in our game, to be a lot more constant in what we do.

And also on the square, the HSV, of all points, has been extremely successful because the last guest performance in Kiel. Eight competitive triumphs have actually been kept in mind abroad since the 0: 1 in April, and also for the trainer it is fairly clear which series will certainly tear on Friday night and also which ought to be increased.

Both the trainer and the Hamburgers have a unique background there. Walter received the opportunity of starting the specialist location in 2019, has a year still many good friends there. If such as to be in Kiel. This only uses to a minimal level to his HSV. Because the transfer in 2018, the storks have not been able to win, the inquiry at the press seminar on Wednesday was as a result evident: is Holstein a fear challenger? For Walter, she came as to order to demonstratively bring what he wishes to radiate from day one in Hamburg. He pulled his brows up and also duplicated the inquiry: How frightened? After that he took a short break, grinned aggressively as well as duplicated his creed: Anyone that knows me recognizes that I am not worried of any individual. Statistics are one that takes place on the pitch, the other.

Employee agony of selection

Walter received the opportunity of beginning the expert location in 2019, has a year still numerous good friends there. For Walter, she came as to order to demonstratively bring what he desires to radiate from day one in Hamburg. He took a short break, smiled body and duplicated his creed: Anyone that knows me recognizes that I am not scared of any individual. Walter’s task to improve the skills gotten last year in his second season has actually already worked completely in the work versus the ball in this young season. The competitors are also high in the facility: Laszlo Bones just recently indicated every joker objectives that he has overcome his beginning difficulties, however Sonny Kitten is still extremely prominent with Walter as well as Ludovic Was has actually long been indispensable.

Bransford Königsdörffer could also look after this in Kiel. The 20-year-old, fresh chosen for Ghana’s nationwide team, has actually served his red barrier and also the train claims: ANSI is always an option, so he is right here, his advancement is good. The trains also additionally option: Jean-Luc Dome and Bakery Jetta just recently marketed on their own on the wings, in the center there is no other way past Robert Glazed.

The competitors are likewise high in the center: Laszlo Bones recently indicated every joker missions that he has actually overcome his beginning problems, but Sonny Kitten is still very prominent with Walter as well as Ludovic Was has long been important. I enjoy concerning this selection, states the possible jubilee, smiles completely satisfied as well as looks as if he thinks: What should he hesitate of? Sebastian Wolff

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