Our situation has happened once again in recent weeks, said the managing partner Hermann Schiller. We are in the relegation battle and have to put together this situation in order to improve our table position as soon as possible.

With the change on the coaching post, the club reacts to the difficult sporting situation: The baskets have only present two victories from 13 games in the league and are currently in place 18. The seasonal goal has fallen in a long distance: the descent of the otherwise successful association is closer than the entry into the co-round.

The new head coach RAB was born in Sarajevo and came in 2019 to Oldenburg. In the ten years before, the 48-year-old had worked as a Head Coach in Lebanon and Bahrain. That’s probably the most difficult situation in which you can take a team. However, I feel the confidence of the club leadership and get optimistic about this task, AAZ was quoted in a message from the association.

According to the report, Schiller also stressed that RIPENCC had not been released. In due course you want to give conversations how the role of the former success trainer could look like after the current season.