In Saints Row, you play for the boss, starting the criminal company Saints from scratch, while you pave the way to the top. The battle is an important part of Saints Row; In battle you will have four skills. There are several skills to choose from, and the choice of correct skills is a difficult task. Here is our guide for the best skills in Saints Row.

What are the best skills in Saints Row to restart?

Skills are opened as your level in Saints Row. Some skills are passive bonuses that will increase your general health or stream. The flow is necessary to use skills, and it can be obtained by inflicting damage to enemies in battle. The boss may have four active skills at once. The best skills:

Pineapple express *: unlocked at the second level. Grab the enemy, throw a grenade into his pants and throw it.
Hard mother : opens at the sixth level. Get a temporary increase in health in order to absorb damage from enemies and nullify the stunning.
Zarovka : Open at 18. Pull out a powerful revolver, then shoot to quickly shoot up to four enemies.
* Contact Mina : Opening at the fourth level. Place the Miner and Fall, which explodes when the enemies are nearby. Damage increases shortly after placement.

There are 20 skills in Saints Row. You can change your skills at any time outside the battle by opening the phone and choosing skills application .

How to unlock skills in Saints Row?


As the level rises, you will open skills. To increase the level, you will need to earn experience. The best way to get experience is to pass missions (available from the Missions app) or side bustle (available from the map application). These actions bring the most experience.

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