A work called MAID CAFE AT Electric Street ** is produced by the Shanghai Development Team Adventurer Sake Grado. This work is an RPG that runs a maid cafe set in Nihonbashi, Osaka. The protagonist is a person who has just retired from a black company. After a small opportunity, I became involved in a maid cafe, and the operation of maid cafes and the daily life with maids will be colored by cute dot paintings. By the way, Speaking of the center of Japanese nerd culture, the image of Akihabara is still strong. In this work, it is set in Osaka and Nihonbashi instead of Akihabara, but why did they choose Nihonbashi? We talked directly at Bitsummit X-Roads held on August 6 and 7, 2022, so let’s tell you the contents in this article.

── Please introduce yourself.

Liu Hirofumi:

It is Liu Hirofumi, the representative of the adventurer liquor who works in Shanghai, China. The adventurer Sakehouse is an indie development team and develops games during the day. At night, in order to partially procure the development funds for the game, we also have a game bar for customers at night. And I’m a Chinese from Yokohama. He grew up in Japan, returned to China around the age of 11, went to junior high school and high school, and entered a university in Hong Kong. After that, I love traveling abroad, so I studied a lot of cultures in various worlds. For that reason, you can speak all Japanese English English. Also, I like retro games and anime nerds, and I like NES, Rockman and Gimmick!


── Please introduce the works under development again.

Liu Hirofumi:
The title is Cafe in the Electric Street, and in English is called MAID CAFE AT Electric Street. Basically, it is a game that runs maid cafes and maid cafes. It is an RPG where you can enjoy the operation of the maid cafe, with a novel mainly based on the story and a simulation that operates a maid cafe. As a game element, you can solicit a specific girl and work as a store clerk. Also, girls have a favorable system, so the protagonist can get along with the girl. You can get along with the four maids appearing in the main visuals. I don’t know if I can talk about this, but the scene of a black company is based on what I and my friends really experienced, and it is a form that expresses what I have really experienced in the work.

── This work is set in Nihonbashi in Osaka. What is the reason why you set it in Nihonbashi instead of Akihabara?

Liu Hirofumi:
I like Nihonbashi. Before the corona evil, I visited Nihonbashi about once a month, and at that time I enjoyed it, such as going to Ota Road and buying retro games and card games. I chose Nihonbashi to tell the gamers about Nihonbashi’s nerd culture. There are a lot of games on the Akihabara stage, but there are not many games with the theme of Nihonbashi, so there are some parts that chose not a royal road. I also like maid culture and maid culture. I haven’t been to a maid cafe recently, but I like a healing space where customers can relax slowly, such as manga. There is a pretty good maid cafe in Nihonbashi.

─ What kind of Nihonbashi is Nihonbashi in this work? It looks like it is not the current Nihonbashi, such as a magical girl Madoka Magica style.

Liu Hirofumi:
Nihonbashi of this work does not have any era settings. The game is basically packed with a lot of favorite team members, including me. For example, a movie shown in a movie theater or a product sold at a shop is inspired by what you like and puts it in the work. I haven’t entered yet, but there are shops that I really want to put in in the game.

When I went to Nihonbashi before, I ate a Chinese food called Mao-yu at the store in Japan. The shop was very delicious, so I would like to put a store with a motif in a game. It is a shop called Infinite Masaishu, and it is a popular shop that is quite local. There is a city that has not been included in the game yet, so we plan to put a restaurant area in the future, but there are coin laundry, hot springs, tofu shops and fish shops, and we will also include a shop with a masturbation. I am thinking.

─ ─ ─ ─ 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 で で 特 で で で で で 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特

Liu Hirofumi:
I want to express the cuteness of the girl with a dot picture, especially there. For example, even if you are a small dot picture character, your chest moves by breathing, or when you are cooking, you will have a pretty expression. We are particular about being able to express cuteness. I’m a geek of retro games, so I want to tell gamers around the world the splendor of dot paintings that have been cultivated since retro games. I want to convey the cuteness of the girl with a dot picture.

── Please give me a message at the end.

Liu Hirofumi:
Cafe in the Electric Street is a work that our adventurer liquor really makes with the soul. If you have the opportunity such as a trial play, please try it. The Steam store page is also completed, so please register as a wish list! In addition, I would like to release this work this year, and I want to start early access distribution on Steam. It is a work of confidence, thank you for your support.

Thank you.