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Stadia ceases to be a priority for Google

Google Stadia started as the great foray of the company in the videogame industry. However, last year it was revealed that the division in charge of creating exclusive experiences had closed its doors, focusing on the resources of the company in the Streaming service. Now, a new report has revealed that Stadia has ceased to be a priority for Google , and now will focus on selling this technology to different companies.

According to Business Insider, Stadia has changed GOOGLE STREAM name. Along with this, it has been mentioned that before the acquisition of Sony, Google was in conversations with Bungie to offer this platform to the creators of Destiny, who “would have the content and would control the user experience” and have proven interest in creating your own platform of this type. Currently, it is unknown how is the purchase of Sony affected these negotiations.

Also mentioned conversations with Capcom for Google Stream to run similar to what happened with the AT & T agreement for BATMAN: Arkham Knight. Outside the traditional games companies, Google is also talking to Pelleton to have Stadia titles on fitness bicycles.

On the other hand, the report has indicated that by the end of 2020, Google failed to achieve its aim of one million monthly active users in “about 25%” , and was quoted to a person who said “The Retention was a real problem. ” In a statement, Google did not do something to really refute the article, and pointed out that “it still focuses on bringing great games to Stadia in 2022”, specifically more than 100 titles are again focused.

On related topics, the state of Washington DC has issued a lawsuit against Google.

Bad News for Google Stadia...

Editor’s note:

While it seems that Google Stadia will remain alive to a certain extent, the intentions of the company are no longer as high as in the past. The focus on getting businesses with specific companies talks about that Google does not have many intentions to continue in the videogame industry, but does not want to leave their cloud technology.

We will soon have a free level for stadia

A few days ago, the boss of Stadia, Phil Harrison, sat for an interview with Protocol where he revealed the next output of a free level for Stadia to come in a few months. He said, The big strategic difference is that in the coming months, you can discover Stadia for free. No money, without having to put a box in your home, you can simply click and play incredible games directly from our data center.

The very vogue cloud game platform has been launched with a dull reception and mediocre support after its release. Destined for more casual video game consumers, Google Stadia seemed to be a smart idea, but with some forgetfulness. The concept of cloud game is attractive because you do not need a powerful computer or console to run the games at their best.

Since passionate players already have systems to play, target consumers were the rapidly growing number of casual players. The problem comes from the fact that it requires a powerful Internet to maintain the resolution and image frequencies that customers want to withdraw from the service. After all, the idea is to replace powerful consoles. Unfortunately, many casual consumers do not have excellent Internet packages, and their upgrade is too expensive, or for some, it’s not even an option. Add to that you need to pay $129 and $9.99, the platform requires a decent initial investment, and if you need to upgrade your Internet, it may be cheaper to buy a game console.


The free level for Stadia could be exactly what Google needed to find an interesting service. It offers consumers an option without commitment to try the system and, more importantly, to test if their Internet is up to. In addition, if they are able to offer free quality games, this should even attract unconditional players to try new games without having to pay or download the software.

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