Release date : June 10, 2022

Publishers : 2K SPORTS, 2K Games

Developer : Supermassive Games

Modes : solo, multiplayer

Plate-form : PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Microsoft Windows

genres : adventure game, survival horror,

Price : $ 89.99

A great surprise

Supermassive Games knew how to captivate the players with the excellent interactive horror game Until Dawn. A game in which the player had to try to save eight characters who face death. It is with a system of choice inspired by the butterfly effect that the developers put the players the test, in short your choices have consequences on the life and the state of your characters. This way of playing the players quickly and that is why the studio has developed a series of game called The Dark Picture Anthology. The latter currently has 3 titles and a fourth which should appear soon. Although these games are interesting, they are not up to Until Dawn, however, Supermassive Games had a little surprise for the players. A title that has been discreet until its launch is the game The Quarry.


The misfortune of some sometimes makes the happiness of others

The Quarry, a game that was at the start, was to be exclusive to Stadia, a streaming platform belonging to Google. Unfortunately (and fortunately for players who do not have Stadia), the latter does not work as hoped for and 2K Games and Supermassive Games have decided to offer the title on PC as well as on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

What is The Quarry? Well, this is a horror title that is inspired by ” Slasher ” from the 80s such as Friday the 13th and The Thing. In The Quarry you will follow a group of young people who have finished their summer of work in a vacancy camp and who will spend one last night there. As was the case with Unil Dawn, Supermassive Games opted for the use of a beautiful actor skewer in order to give life to their characters.

A nice actor skewer

This time, we find Branda Song, David Arquette, Halston Sage, Ted Raimi, Ariel Winter, launches Henriksen and Justice Smith. You will therefore be invited to take control of these characters, alone or with friends. Yes, in The Quarry, you can play with others, either online with friends, who will control their characters, or in coop in the comfort of your couch by lending you the controller. There is even an accommodation to be able to broadcast the game on Twitch with a voting system for your spectators. In addition, when you have finished the game you can use the cinema mode that allows you to make your choices before starting the game and then you will only have to prepare the popcorn and watch the film take place Before your eyes.

As it is the custom in a game of supermassive games the players will have to move their characters and at certain times of the chosen branches will stand in front of them. They will then have to make an important choice which will have an impact on the progress of history. Sometimes he will also have to perform a sequence of Quick Time Event, do not worry, if you are not familiar with these it is possible to decrease the difficulty. As said above, the choices you are going to make will have an impact on the progress of the game and risk seeing some of your characters lose your life. The game is made up of 10 chapters and you can discover one of the 186 ends.

One of the novelties of this title is the fact that the developers have taken the time to develop the personality of each of the protagonists, moreover the events are not precipitated, so you will have time to focus on them.

The Quarry also offers shooting sequences, however, these are rare and precision will not really be your ally. Let’s say it’s very easy to miss your target. As was the case in the series The Dark Pictures Anthology, there will be times when you will have to slow down the pace of your breathing so as not to get caught. To do this, you will need to press a touch at the right time. In addition, this time the developers grant you three lives in order to save the most characters. Usually you could finish the game by saving only one character, but this time when you have three deaths, you will have failed.

In The Quarry, each of the chapters is interspersed with a sequence with a good adventure state. The latter will help you try to save your characters by showing you a sequence that will take place in the future. However, so that it can give you this vision you will have to collect the cards of tarot hidden in the environment.

Simple controls

The controls are rather simple to access, in fact, you will have to move your character using the STICK similar, to press different buttons and of course, answer questions in a given time. I would say that the most difficult is to remember the order of the buttons if you are at your first stammering with a controller. Because yes, knowing where a button will be practical to you during QTES.

At the level of the visual, this title is one of the most beautiful of Supermassive Games. Whether in terms of decor, environment, characters, camera angles, animations or facial expressions, everything is very well d1. Hopefully the next games of the universe The Dark Pictures Anthology are following this example. The same goes for the sound level.

Unfortunately, everything is not perfect, sometimes you will find that the characters’ reaction does not always go with what is happening. Admittedly, you will say that this is often the case in this kind of film, yes I grant you, but here these reactions leave us a little of the game. In addition, you will have to endure long sequence of Bla Bla at certain times And unfortunately you will not be able to pass them. Nevertheless, The Quarry is an excellent title that we recommend to all lovers of horror games and also of ” slasher ” from the 80s. Even if this game is not perfect is a nice surprise offered by Supermassive Games and hope that the studio will continue with this momentum, because the experience The Dark Pictures Anthology sometimes leaves something to be desired.

+ The scenario

+ We get attached to the characters

+ The choice of actors

+ Dubbing

+ Trying

+ Playability options (Multi to 8)

+ We can play with our teens

+ The visual and the sound experience

+ Good replayability

-Weak points

-Any things that do not work well in the scenario

-The end is a bit garish

-A slow pace that Until Dawn who can displease certain players