Even if League of Legends will soon receive new champions thanks to the imminent launch of Zero and its continuity through the addition of a Support Champion, the community remains concerned about the future premiere of the UDR Rework. The relaunch of the character was announced almost a year ago, without bearing fruits yet. A situation that has worried players, who have not been slow to show this situation in the community’s discussion spaces.

Why is UDR’s Rework so problematic?


REAV3 is the head of production of League of Legends champions and wanted to reassure players with respect to the problems of re-launch. First, he has remembered that the developer was never committed to a specific date for the Rework premiere. However, it is when he continues with the speech of him when he reveals the problems that this champion has: Visual work to get him forward is immense .

UDR was categorized for a long time by the Riot Games workers as one of the champions for which it is most complicated is to create Skins. A situation that throughout history has made it the second character that has the most to wait for the launch of one aspect. Since it was premiered in 2009, he has only received five aspects, at the rate of one for every 88 days elapsed . A record in which he is only surpassed by the Popular Tarim, who accumulates 907 days of waiting between each new appearance.

The problem of the Skins is usual in the Reworks and has already motivated Dr. World’s delay. However, this time he is magnified. Adapting the aspects of UDR to the current quality standard involves an amount of disproportionate work as it has four forms of attack that change the appearance of the champion and the visual effects of the skills of it. A very complex situation that becomes even more serious if we take into account that it is one of the few League of Legends champions that has a definitive Skin , where you still have to invest more efforts.

Attending to the design philosophy of Riot Games champions and to its moderation at the launch of new characters, the UDR rework will only be launched When is ready. A process that could still take a few months, but that has left enough space to show confidence in launching a second visual and gameplay update over 2022 .