A new act arrives at Valorant and that always means that the battle pass ** is about to renew itself. The premiere of the third chapter and definitive chapter of episode 4 was not to be an exception and Riot Games has returned to introduce the reward unlocking system. As always, it comes with a total of 50 levels in which we can unlock all types of content. Skins of weapons, graffiti, visiting or radianite cards are just some of the most interesting things we are going to find.

At this point, it knows almost the whole community. However, we are going to review it. The rewards of the Valorant Battle Pass are divided between the free option and the Premium Alternative. Of course, if we want to unlock more things we will have to apocinate. At least there are no surprises with price increases and the pass is maintained at a cost of 1000 VP not recoverable . Of course, there will be a free weapon for all players who will be Frenzy Coalition: Cobra .

All Skins of the Battle Pass – ACT 3 Episode 4

In total, the premium battle pass has three cosmetic lines add a dozen new skins to our inventory. Next, you can see them all.

*NEW* Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 Battle Pass - All Act 3 Battle Pass Skins


In addition to the Frenzy, there are three additional designs. We will show you everyone in a different color since there are four available.

SHIFT designs

It has the following weapons…


The star design of this battle pass…

With the new cosmetics already reviewed, it is a matter of throwing hours to meet all the experience requirements. Throughout the new battle pass of Valorant we will take some pleasant surprises with different rewards. As always, the business cards are another of the strong dishes that all players appreciate and arrive with a combination of carefree and much more serious arts to satisfy the entire community.

The battle pass 3 episode 4 of Valorant will be available in the game when the next patch is introduced April 27 .