2022 is positioned to be a great year for video game consoles. Each of the three large companies will continue betting on the plans that have worked on the past, such as Game Pass and exclusive first level. However, a group of analysts has indicated that, at the end of the year, ELPS5 managed to substantially overcome the sales of the Xbox Series X | s.

Because these two consoles will come to the market at the same time, comparisons are very common. In this way, Ampere Analysis, firm of analysts, has pointed out that the Xbox Series X | S will manage to sell nine million units over 2022. However, it has been mentioned that the PlayStation 5 will double this amount, since They are talking about 18 million consoles.

Next to this, Ampere Analysis ensures that the Nintendo Switch will manage to move 21 million units this year . Relatively, these are good numbers for each of the three large companies, this taking into consideration the crisis in the production of electronics that torments all industries.

On related topics, this is the amount of money that Sony might lose if Call of Duty becomes exclusive Xbox. In the same way, experts have pointed out that EA will be the following study to be acquired by Microsoft.


Editor’s note:

Considering the current situation, these are good numbers for Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox. However, it highlights a lot that the PS5 could sell twice the X | s series, and approaches the amount of the switch. It will be interesting to see how markets move once the purchase of Blizzard Activision by Microsoft can be completed.