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Osaka / Nihonbashi Maid Cafe Management RPG Cafe in Electric Street Developer Mini Inn Tubi. Nihonbashi, packed with what geeks like

A work called MAID CAFE AT Electric Street ** is produced by the Shanghai Development Team Adventurer Sake Grado. This work is an RPG that runs a maid cafe set in Nihonbashi, Osaka. The protagonist is a person who has just retired from a black company. After a small opportunity, I became involved in a maid cafe, and the operation of maid cafes and the daily life with maids will be colored by cute dot paintings. By the way, Speaking of the center of Japanese nerd culture, the image of Akihabara is still strong. In this work, it is set in Osaka and Nihonbashi instead of Akihabara, but why did they choose Nihonbashi? We talked directly at Bitsummit X-Roads held on August 6 and 7, 2022, so let’s tell you the contents in this article.

── Please introduce yourself.

Liu Hirofumi:

It is Liu Hirofumi, the representative of the adventurer liquor who works in Shanghai, China. The adventurer Sakehouse is an indie development team and develops games during the day. At night, in order to partially procure the development funds for the game, we also have a game bar for customers at night. And I’m a Chinese from Yokohama. He grew up in Japan, returned to China around the age of 11, went to junior high school and high school, and entered a university in Hong Kong. After that, I love traveling abroad, so I studied a lot of cultures in various worlds. For that reason, you can speak all Japanese English English. Also, I like retro games and anime nerds, and I like NES, Rockman and Gimmick!


── Please introduce the works under development again.

Liu Hirofumi:
The title is Cafe in the Electric Street, and in English is called MAID CAFE AT Electric Street. Basically, it is a game that runs maid cafes and maid cafes. It is an RPG where you can enjoy the operation of the maid cafe, with a novel mainly based on the story and a simulation that operates a maid cafe. As a game element, you can solicit a specific girl and work as a store clerk. Also, girls have a favorable system, so the protagonist can get along with the girl. You can get along with the four maids appearing in the main visuals. I don’t know if I can talk about this, but the scene of a black company is based on what I and my friends really experienced, and it is a form that expresses what I have really experienced in the work.

── This work is set in Nihonbashi in Osaka. What is the reason why you set it in Nihonbashi instead of Akihabara?

Liu Hirofumi:
I like Nihonbashi. Before the corona evil, I visited Nihonbashi about once a month, and at that time I enjoyed it, such as going to Ota Road and buying retro games and card games. I chose Nihonbashi to tell the gamers about Nihonbashi’s nerd culture. There are a lot of games on the Akihabara stage, but there are not many games with the theme of Nihonbashi, so there are some parts that chose not a royal road. I also like maid culture and maid culture. I haven’t been to a maid cafe recently, but I like a healing space where customers can relax slowly, such as manga. There is a pretty good maid cafe in Nihonbashi.

─ What kind of Nihonbashi is Nihonbashi in this work? It looks like it is not the current Nihonbashi, such as a magical girl Madoka Magica style.

Liu Hirofumi:
Nihonbashi of this work does not have any era settings. The game is basically packed with a lot of favorite team members, including me. For example, a movie shown in a movie theater or a product sold at a shop is inspired by what you like and puts it in the work. I haven’t entered yet, but there are shops that I really want to put in in the game.

When I went to Nihonbashi before, I ate a Chinese food called Mao-yu at the store in Japan. The shop was very delicious, so I would like to put a store with a motif in a game. It is a shop called Infinite Masaishu, and it is a popular shop that is quite local. There is a city that has not been included in the game yet, so we plan to put a restaurant area in the future, but there are coin laundry, hot springs, tofu shops and fish shops, and we will also include a shop with a masturbation. I am thinking.

─ ─ ─ ─ 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 で で 特 で で で で で 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特 特

Liu Hirofumi:
I want to express the cuteness of the girl with a dot picture, especially there. For example, even if you are a small dot picture character, your chest moves by breathing, or when you are cooking, you will have a pretty expression. We are particular about being able to express cuteness. I’m a geek of retro games, so I want to tell gamers around the world the splendor of dot paintings that have been cultivated since retro games. I want to convey the cuteness of the girl with a dot picture.

── Please give me a message at the end.

Liu Hirofumi:
Cafe in the Electric Street is a work that our adventurer liquor really makes with the soul. If you have the opportunity such as a trial play, please try it. The Steam store page is also completed, so please register as a wish list! In addition, I would like to release this work this year, and I want to start early access distribution on Steam. It is a work of confidence, thank you for your support.

Thank you.

A free rogue -like ACT that survives for 10 minutes from Love Craft enemies is popular! Todays Steams Featured Game 9 Selections [May 13, 2022]

Steam has many new titles every day. Many people want to check new works with high attention, but they can’t follow the release flow?

Therefore, the GAMESpark editorial department is “within 3 days after early access and official release” “The number of reviews has exceeded 100 (regardless of popularity or unpopular)” *. Introducing a new title! Check out what titles are attracting attention in Steam now.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2

A sequel to a large -scale battle simulation where a large number of characters collide with early access. The number of characters appearing is more than 1 million of the previous work, 100 times , and high quality to make advanced decisions and animations. In addition, AI technology will cooperate with individual characters toward larger goals. In early access, multiple stories, player -led campaigns, sandbox mode, etc. are implemented, and the period is 3-4 months.

tin can (early access graduation)

“TIN CAN”, which allows you to experience extreme survival in the outer space escape pod, has officially released. This work is a survival game corresponding to various phases in the escape pod that escaped from the exploded spaceship. In the pod, various problems occurred, such as machine problems such as damage to electric cables, air filter abnormalities, and changes in the universe. Players need to deal with any current troubles that are currently occurring based on the prepared manuals. If you want to know more, please see here.


It will be a free version of “20 MinUTES TILL DAWN” scheduled to be released soon. Delivery has started. The game system is “Vampire Survivors” -like, so we select upgrade as the level goes up and aim for a powerful build. In addition, various characters with different statuss and upgrades of 50 or more are implemented, and the full version is planned to be added.

Senran Ninja Ninja Wars Neptune -Glossy of girls-

This work is a collaboration title by the “Neptune” series and the “Senran Kagura” series. The four goddesses (Purple Heart, Black Heart, White Heart, Green Heart) dressed in a sneaking costume are super high -speed ninjutsu action RPG, dancing in splendid actions with Asuka, Flame, Snow Springs, and Masarari. The “Super Ninja War”, which determines the world’s strongest school in the “Genzen Yume Ninja” where all ninjas gather, will be held. In addition, “Yuki” appears as the original character of this work. Furthermore, as a guest, “Ninja Kai” released on PS2 in 2005 has become a beautiful girl as a girl.

Source of Madness

This is a horizontal scroll -type rogue action game inspired by a love craft novel. Set in the dark and bizarre world “Romland”, we will adventure nine biomes to approach the unknown evil. Players will select their skills from the five classes, upgrade their skills, and unlock all magical abilities while gathering equipment and items left by the predecessors. One of the features of the ** enemy character that appears is that the model is automatically generated by the machine learning AI, and it keeps changing.


This work is a dungeon crawler that combines router shooter action and rhythm game element. He will be a guardian of harmony, including the girl, MELODY, summoned by the Symphonia, and fights with the dissonance forces Discordians. You can play with more than 100 songs in the game, as well as players freely importing your favorite music **. It also supports up to four local and online cooperative play.

Brigan Dine Lunagia Senki

It was released for Nintendo Switch/PS4, and a national simulation that has surpassed 130,000 units of ** cumulative sales has come to Steam. In this work, you can enjoy the drama of the world of 6 or more characters and more than 100 characters in the world view that incorporates fantasy elements. In the Steam version, the new mode “Free Mode (Creative Chapter)” and “takeover of consumed items” in main free mode have been added, game balance adjustment and UI change have been made, and further enhanced elements. I am.

Songs of Conquest

This is a turn -based strategy inspired by a 90’s game. It also combines not only battles using the height difference of the terrain, but also management elements that manage and develop territory. Players led the magician called Wielders and aim to develop their territory while exploring and fighting in a world where various factions in conflict with each other exist. In the campaign mode, poetry that is claimed by a bard is inserted for each mission, and at the end of the campaign, it seems that it also includes elements such as **, which is completed as a song that conveys the footprints of various factions. 。 The editor function in the game can also create an original adventure in the same environment as the developer.

Hundred Heroes RISING

The amount of ** development support in the crowdfunding in 2020 in the Kickstarter campaign was released by a spin -off work of “Hyakushi Den”, which was about 480 million yen at that time. Share the world view and character with the “Hyakumi Den” scheduled to be released in 2023, and three of the screw -tavenger girl “CJ”, the former mercenary beast “Garoo”, and the mayor’s deputy magician “Esha”. You can enjoy the adventure story that will be the day before the reconstruction of the city and action elements mainly with heroes. If you are interested, please take a look.

Hakusura Cooperation Oversolving Shooter “SPACE PUNKS” to open beta start from April 20. Migrate to basic play for free from the same day

Developer Flying Wild Hog announced online cooperation actions during early access delivery on March 28, announced that open beta test starts from April 20. The compatible platform is a PC (Epic Games Store) and migrating to the basic play free with the start of the test. IGN conveys.

“SPACE PUNKS” is an overlooking point action RPG that allows for up to four cooperative play. It features a flashy battle at high paces. It appears in this work is a personality four universe of space. The player chooses from 4 to one person, and aims to be a single thousand gold, and will lead a flashy rampage with the stars from the stars to the crotch. In addition to assault rifles and gatling guns, weapons rich from flame radiator to two swords of swords are provided. It is a favorite weapon, and I will break up an organism of approaching roses and combat Robo.

This work is a work of so-called router shooter genre. After the battle with the enemy, you can get a looted item and make use of weapons upgrades, etc. It’s a way to enjoy the loop where you fight and get stronger and go to a more battle. In addition, this work plans to expand continuous content, such as addition of planets and activities. It seems to be able to operate as a long fun work.

Space Punks - Official Open Beta Launch Trailer
“SPACE PUNKS” has started early access delivery from July last year for Founders Pack Buyer. Early access delivery ended on April 20, and along with the opening beta start on April 20, it will be able to go for free and enter free of charge.

Flying Wild Hog, which works on this work, is a developer based in Poland. The fed-fancy battle is known as the developer of the FPS “Shadow Warrior” series, and the new work “Shadow Warrior 3” is released on March 1 this year. Besides, cooperative multi-play TPS “Evil West” and multiple action game new works such as the time-to-day drama action “TREK TO YOMI” set as the stage of Japan are developed. It would be nice to touch the company’s action game on the opportunity of “SPACE PUNKS”.

“SPACE PUNKS” will start open beta for basic play free from April 20 for PC (Epic Games store). This work is scheduled to release PS5 / Xbox Series X | S version 2022.

“Elden Ring” Paris method-Practice and basic edition. Pleasure Temporary technique “Paris” tips and recommended shields, valid bosses etc

About one month has passed since the release of “Elden Ring”. There is also a player who has already cleared playing. In this paper, we would like to divide the attraction and use of “Paris” into the fades and how to enjoy the adventure in the area between narrows. This time, I write about “practice and basic edition” and deliver the first part. Note that this paper also includes the name, video and battle name of the boss, so it should be noted when viewing.

“Elden Ring” is an action RPG that the From Software worked. The axis of this work is the adventure at the vast open field “narrow place”. On the other hand, while inheriting combat systems of the same studio past work, new elements such as spiritual body summoning are included. During that, although there was also the same studio past work, there is a slightly evident element in “Elden ring”. It is a technique that plays an enemy attack and creating a chance, “Paris”.

# What is Paris

Paris is a familiar element in the “Dark Soul” series. It is a technology that makes a gap that can be attacked and attacking at the moment of attacking the enemy attacks and receiving the attack. Although it is difficult to use it, it is also a technique that works effectively with a one-to-one match with a strong enemy if it is mastered. A pleasure is not a pleasure to take the enemy’s attack back and add fatal counterattack.

However, it is not possible to say that the shadow is slightly thin in “Elden Ring”. In addition to fulfilling powerful war technologies other than Paris, in this work, many strong enemies are likely to take advantage of Paris. In addition, fatal damage tends to be a modest than the same studio past work, and it is not possible to deny the sense of reducing the return of Pary, a high risk high return war. So, is Paris lost value at this work? The author’s view is not. Paris’s pleasure is alive, and some bosses still have performance that can function as a trump card. First of all, I would like to tell you from the conclusions about tips that use Paris and enjoy pleasure.

# Backler with backer, look at enemy hands

Paris changes motion by triggered shields and weapons. For example, the mid-shields, etc., a gesture, peaned sideways, peaning dagger and backlur are a gesture to pay out of the eye before the eyes. And due to the difference in motion, the length of the judgment that can be paralyzed and the timelag of Paris from the button input also changes. In other words, the equipment of Paris changes depending on the equipment.

And it is a small shield “Buckler” that it can be proud of the most excellent Paris performance among the equipment that can be obtained from the early stage. Although the performance as a shield such as cut rate does not rely, it has a special Paris war seriously bearing the name “Buckler Paris”. In addition to being equipped with the initial equipment of the feature “thieves”, Backler can also be purchased from the NPC Gostok of Stormville Castle. Of course, Paris using equipment such as other small shields and paling dagers is also possible. Excellent is not a stronger use of Buckler, but it is best to be familiar with your favorite tools. Many Paris’s derivative war technologies appear in this work. Such war technologies are useful, but they may not be available in the early stages. Therefore, in this paper, this paper describes the Backler Paris tactics adopted from the early stage and the foundation of Paris.

In fact, in Paris, it is easier to succeed in people who are close to the enemy as possible. It’s not an image that plays an enemy’s weapon, but you will be able to stare the enemy’s hand and get it in the image that beats Paris in the hand to the “beginning of attack”. In other words, it is torture that it is equipped with a backler and sticking to the enemy and looking at the movement of the enemy hand. The reason for reaching these conclusions and the mechanism of this work in the background will be brought in detail in the second part. The performance of the derivative war is also given to the second part.

# Basics for Pali Price

Paris may have an image of “defense technique” that receives enemy attacks. However, in fact, it is a “attack technique” that causes a gap during enemy attack to break up. Even as an actual mechanism, Paris is considered to be a mechanism to hit an invisible “Paris judgment” and to hit the enemy’s “Pali judgment”. In Paris, which needs to match the timing time, grasping the judgment occurrence timing is important. However, the occurrence timing of the Paris judgment is hard to grasp in the case of unavoidable. Although it is good to remember with the enemy with the enemy, I would like to recommend grasping the timing in the “Wall Pali Practice Act” as an author.

The wall palry practice method is a method of writing the wall literally to grip timing. When Paris is activated against the wall, it depends on the weapon species and the wall material, and a spark and dusty hit effect appears. As a result of the author verification, this effect is likely to be considered almost simultaneously with the trigger of the Paris judgment. In other words, it is possible to confirm the paris judgment timing easy to understand by hitting the paris on the wall. In addition, at the moment of Pali decision occurrence, it is also possible to make this as a guide because the stamina also consumes micro. However, the timing will be easier to grab the timing by Wall Paris who can confirm the occurrence of Paris without leaving the motion.

  • We can actually check the wall Paris, the reduction of the stamina and the hit effect can be confirmed

Paris or Not Paris

The next important thing is to grasp the attack that can not be a paris attack. Sad, Paris is not all-purpose. As a point of view, it is necessary to think that “attack using weapons can be very paris.” However, with weapons attacks, attacks from jumps, special motions, super large boss weapon attacks, etc. are almost no paris. In addition to weapon attacks, the flames can not be parislated, and projects and magic (except for paris by some war technologies). The same is true for animal attacks. The “Paris-impossible” list was as follows, which was verified while the author was made into Kechon Kecheong.

· Magical, prayer and weapons and flying tools formed thereby (requires special war skills)
· Jump attack and grabbing attack

· Muchi and attack that swings hammer with chain
· Super large boss weapon attack
· Animal · crab · bear · octopus · land · · flying enemy attack
· Troles, maiden dolls, large enemies such as some bosses

If it is a boss, the attack of the weapon handle the attack is basically paris and may be supposed to be paris. I’m not sure that I’m not validating all the enemy characters, so I would definitely make sure it is. However, as an exception to be noted, there is an attack by birds that appear in Stormville Castle. Since the blades are attached to the foot, Paris is possible if it is an attack by that blade. If you have boiled hot water in a bird, I would like to see how it will be played and falling on the ground. This “feeling I did” will be one of Paris’s charm. Also, you can also aim for the cavity type enemy. It is one of the pleasant usage while there is practicality to be pillaged quickly quickly.

Aue Aya Challenge Palari

So far, while talking about Paris, a strong enemy working effectively works is limited. It is different from whether you can do it or not. In addition to several vicious opponents that can not be Paris, the risk increases further in multiple wars such as enemies. In particular, the trend is noticeable as it enters the second half of the game. However, in the play that offers enemy attacks with Paris, it is also true that the sense of achievement that will be unique. And Paris works, inter alia, for a certain enemy. It is often a strong enemy and often a topic, and there are many appearance scenes.

Knights of the crucible have different variations such as weapon types. However, most motions can be paris. Shield attack, ground, grab, tail attack, gliding, kicking, tackle, and non-paris can’t be attacked, and it can not be denied that the attack is spectacular. However, if you observe well, each motion is surprisingly honest. In particular, the large sword type is delayed, and there is also a margin where you can look at the attack firmly and decide Paris. If you get used to it, you can get Paris as much as you get a relatively easy-to-sect, so it will be quite qualified as a Practice partner of Paris if you can fight with a relatively easy-to-sectable attack. For this reason, the author personally calls the same boss as “teacher”. Of course, although it is good to practice with ordinary miscellaneous fish enemies, there are also many enemies that can be attacked or attacked by AI. In such aspects, the sparter education of the prosperous teacher who has a constant attack pace may be towards more practice.

  • State of lessons by teacher

In addition, if the knight of the crucible usually fights, it is a strong enemy that is easy to understand. If you think that it can convert the loose attack hand to almost all attack opportunities, it can be said that the meaning of challenging with Paris is twelve minutes. Besides, a tomb fighter (attack with chain is not possible) with a fighter of hammer, and while a strange motion, the timing of the weapon attack (rotation, magic and floating attack can not be palty), etc. Bosses that are easy to give when using Paris is surprising. Sometimes it is a scene that works well as one of the tactical options. In addition, if you use a weapon with a highly fatal damage, such as a short sword or a short sword, it will be more effective if used as a sub weapon.

However, pali operations in multiple boss wars etc. will also be necessary to devise and luck. Since two attacks are the most important work, it is also necessary to run around with a deck that can be surely served while continuing to escape. On the other hand, some of the enemies and luck are sometimes when there are two alternating rhythms, and the feeling of feeling is al1. It is a pleasure to exchange risk. In addition, although it is a story that does not have a body or lid, it would be a tip to love Paris for a long time to switch to another tactics if you can not win by Paris. The author was a bit disappointed with Paris and my own skills for verification for the writing of this paper. Switch before burns out.

# Paris is fun

Calling All Cars: The Wicked Flea / The Squealing Rat / 26th Wife / The Teardrop Charm

It does not lose to a variety of wars, and Paris also delivers unique pleasure. However, one of the attractiveness of this work is that the player can assemble each tactics and work on the battle. Not only Paris, but the easiest way, it is best to challenge the enemy with a technique that each fader can be convinced by themselves. Even if you are already using Paris, you hope that this paper is useful for those who did not use Paris.

In this paper, we sent “practical and basic edition” as the first part to communicate the basics and practice of Paris. The next later version is “Applied and Technology”, “Golden Paris”, “Tops of Tops”, Paris Streams, etc., such as “Arashi Wall”, Paris Perri, and “Elden Ring” I plan to explain the mechanism.

Rogue Light STG “Crazy Pet Show” -The character and enemy design feel quite nostalgic [Developer interview]

An interview with the developer of the new indie game I’m worried about this project. This time, Vixa Games Development, Logue Shooting, which has been started early on December 16 for PC, we will deliver a mini-in-tavy to the Crazy Pet Show ** (The Cralacpet Show) developer.

This work is a rogue shooting that proceeds from the perspective point of view. Flash anime “Happy Te Leafs” is characterized by pop graphics and grotesque productions that were affected by the “Happy Leafs”. The player operates a mutated animal and appears in the most violent television program ever. We look for wealth and fame while utilizing random weapons and parks, and challenge the battle with huge bosses. Japanese not supported at the time of article writing.

“Crazy Pet Show” is early access delivery at 1,690 yen (10% off until February 4).

– First of all, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

ROBERT Hello. Little Indie Studio in the northern part of Polish, Vixa Games Robert. When I was 3 years old I played the game, I thought this would be a very big existence in my life. It is difficult to choose a favorite game, but I love race games, so I am a one of the most favorite games while “Gran Turismo 4” has been playing so far.

-Why did you start developing this work?

Robert We fuse love to Gore animation like love and “Happy Tree Friends” and mix them to be able to enjoy players.

– Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

Robert This work is a game that uses various weapons, parks and items through various randomly generated rooms, using various weapons, parks and items. It is equipped with Auto Aim, but it is also a barrage game, so there is a lot of ways. Not only is the theme of a unique humor and animal TV show, but also four people can play together and play cooperatively.

– What kind of person do this work do you want to play?

I would like to play with people who like robert fast expansion gameplay, fun cooperative play games and animal characters like!

– How long have you been planning for early access? What factors will be added in the future?

Robert Early Access is scheduled for a couple of months. Currently, we are focusing on adding new episodes, new characters, new weapons, new items, and new parks. Several surprises such as Easter Eggs and Secret Rooms are also available. We are carefully listening to the community feedback, and I’m thinking of having everything to add in the future.

– Please tell me the impression that you have released as early access.

Robert Surprised by a lot of positive feedback and reviews as overwhelmed! The community continues to be big every day, and many enthusiastic players have tested to a fairly fine part and have accurate feedback. Since early access started, thanks to everyone, it is easier to adjust many elements.

– Is there a work affected by this work?

After the Robert 90, our parents did not like Goa Animations like “Happy Tree Friends”. However, we saw what kind of thing we saw! In this work, the character and enemy design are quite nostalgic. Also, we love the log light system that we have to do whatever the type of weapons and play. “ENTER THE GUNGEON” and “The Binding of Isaac” are especially our favorite.

– Is there any plan to support Japanese work? Is it possible to translate?

Robert Currently, we have a meeting with a number of companies that help Japanese localization and marketing in Asia. Nasun translation has not been tried yet, but I do not intend to oppose.

– Did you have an impact on development by new coronavirus?

There was only a little Robert, but we are just 10 teams, so you can quickly meet the situation at any time. And we have created indie games, so it was good that there was no pressure that you have to determine the launch day as a quite a long time.

– Is it okay to deliver and monetize this work?

Robert Yes, of course! This work has already been a hundreds of videos and delivered since Launch, and we are very happy to see what you enjoy.

– Lastly, please give a message to the Japanese reader.

(This will be posted as it was because I answered in Japanese)

Robert Check this game if you are looking for a good-looking game with a sense of humor and unpredictable gameplay. Share Japanese news with Discord, Twitter, Steam. thank you!

–thank you.

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